Monday, February 1, 2016


I am a hoarder...a tool hoarder. There ... I said it...and I feel so much better!

I find it comical that the definition I found of HOARD references silver....

The problem with collecting all of these goodies is finding a place to store them. January always seems to be the time I get stoked into organizing..and reorganizing. Now, I am blessed that I have an entire room in my basement dedicated to my passion. What I was lacking was storage space. Last year, I opened up this "temporary" 8 foot folding table that I used to use when I worked at craft shows. There is also a small, 3 shelf bookshelf to the immediate right of that table that became a catch-all for just about anything and everything.

Personally - I hated this table - I tripped on those legs every single day! And I found it to be too inviting to just set something down and leave it there. And, what a waste of space beneath the table! While my work space becomes incredibly frazzled while I am working, I have an incessant need to put all tools and supplies away every single night. Otherwise when I return to the studio the next day, I become especially nervous not knowing everything is in its place!

I have been searching for an inexpensive storage bench for some time now - something with drawers. I found this at Harbor Freight - had a 20% coupon - and shipping was $6.95! Final cost before shipping:  $128.00 

Storage Bench by Harbor Freight

I actually enjoy putting things together. And this only took an hour of my time.

Admittedly, the fun part was re-organizing everything. 

The drawers are felt lined - added protection for my precious mandrels and such.

One of the best outcomes of this new storage bench is that I now have space between the left side of my jewelers bench and the new storage bench. I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped things to the left of my bench and could not get down to reach them, as the little chrome 3-shelf unit was in the way.

When I purchased my jeweler's bench, I installed a swing arm attachment on the left hand side, where I store my most used tools. Before, there was no room to swing this arm much better now!

I was inspired to actually clean the studio after the storage bench was complete. Next up, I must attempt to destash some of the beads I have hoarded...way too many beads!

Hoping this brings me new inspiration to start creating again!  Thanks for stopping by!



Creative Designs by Cheri said...

I bought this same bench and I love it!! I too love the felt drawers. Your workspace is huge, looks like a lovely place to create. Thanks for sharing!!

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

I have to admit to intense feelings of jealousy when I saw your last photo. What a lovely studio!

I've been trying to be a neater maker too. Haven't gotten to the point of putting all my tools away at night but at least I am now putting the supplies away when projects and pricing are completed.

Congrats and happy making.

fishnlady said...

Your room is wonderful. You have done a great job of organization and layout. Now you can get those creative ideas going. Thanks for sharing!!

Carol Dekle said...

I love your workspace Patti! The yellow wall is so bright and cheery. I have that same exact workbench! Kudos to you for putting it together yourself. Hubs and I put mine together. The top right drawer broke though. The ball bearings are just barely hanging in there, and the drawer is teetering on disaster. I must say, I have quite the tool envy! I spy a grs on your workbench? I want one of those! It never ends, this tool obsession. I have quite a few things on my wish list! Love your creative space!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Oh Carol - that stinks on your drawer!!! The top right drawer back panel was split - I assumed from shipping. Took a little wood glue and a clamp and it was back in business. I am sorry! Yes - that is a GRS on my work bench. Santa brings me one new tool a year at Christmas time (the rest he gets for me throughout the rest of the year...but he does not know it!) The basement is so dark with no windows - that is my sunshine wall! :)

Carla H said...

My bench is due to arrive in two days...two of them actually because I don't have one large room and so my metalwork is in a different place from my other mixed media. I am so excited to get it! I love your space...mine is much smaller but I have a window! Sunny yellow...I did my laundry hole in that color and it helps. My metal space is in the beginning stages and I am not able to use it yet, but it is my dream and hopefully next year sometime I can turn it into a workshop. I have woodworking tools there is an outbuilding with a wood stove and no insulation so it is more of a part time space...I too hoard and have a million beads...and am in the process of making room for my new bench! YAY! Thanks for sharing yours. I love seeing where people work!

Patricia Quinn said...

I am in that club with you. Nothing wrong with it, except if you have no room to breath. Everytime something new comes in something old has to go. Either find a new space or completely leave. I have hoared some beads my grandmother gave to me when I was 12. Some were antique. Now like any clueless 12 year old I had no idea what I had. But as a hoarder, they have traveled through life with me. Forty years later, and having gotten into jewelry making as a business, I now know what I have, they are gorgeous. Much like your space. I envy all that room. Don't throw out too many of those beads because as soon as you do you will need them.😉😈😊


Anonymous said...

Love your studio space. I too, had the same table..but bits of things kept falling through the top holes! When we moved, my hubs who does wood working absconded with the table to his shop and told me to go buy something else. So now I am hunting and it is not so easy! Hope you enjoy it all ever so much!

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I love that setup you've got going on. I have come to realize I don't like my work bench because it really is just cabinets and I can't put my feet under it and actually work. So I have been spreading out all over the place (dining room into the clay studio...) It's a mess. That looks fabulous though :)

Ann Schroeder said...

Wonderful studio! That bench is great and made such a nice difference. I don't have nearly as many tools as you, but the few I've collected (along with, yes, a hoarde of beads) means I need to clean out so much that I don't use from former crafts. I've been working on that, and the reorganizing feels so good.

Karen Miller Anderson said...

Linda l.Hamilton uses this be ch and suggests puting a 1" line board top and to make it a bit larger than base.

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