Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boot Camp Clasp Round Up

In case you missed it, Monday was our Boot Camp Blog Hop for our current topic, Securing the Perimeter AKA CLASPS! There's still time to hop on board because of this busy time of last minute summer/ back-to-school! We've extended the hop to add your links through Friday, so if you thought you missed it, be sure to add your blog link here!

There's been some lovely and really insight-FULL posts on clasps this time around, so I thought I would go back and give everyone an overview!

Copper Tube Clasp - Boot Camp Tutorial -Mary Ann starts off our bootcamp with a great tutorial on forming a clasp using copper tubing as a closure!

Adventures in making a new clasp design....  -Stacie Florer challenges finds inspiration in some forms around her home to come up with a new and unique clasp.

Clasps: Practical, Pretty or both? -Staci Smith shares her inspiration and her tips for finding your go-to clasp.

boot camp - button & fiber closures - Mary Jane gives her tips and suggestions for making beautiful and strong button closures.

Twisted, Crusty Toggle -Kelli shares a beautiful and pataina-ed tutorial for a handmade toggle.

Boot Camp: Tackling the Toggle  -Staci Smith shares how to make a beautiful wire toggle clasp

Clasp Tutorials & How to work a clasp into your Design. -Genea shows off some of the lovely clasps made by LMAJ members and around the interwebs and her tips for incorporating them into a necklace design artfully. 

Finding Closure
Carol shows us how to beautifully bead woven clasps can effortlessly become part of a design and even enhance the final piece.

Boot Camp: Securing the Perimeter aka: clasps -We start off boot camp by showing a oldie but goody of a standard wire wrapped clasp tutorial by Kelli.

Art Jewelry Boot Camp: Clasps that identify -Barbara shares her signature clasp and how she changes it up while maintaining a signature style.

Book Review: The Missing Link: by Cindy Wimmer -Stacie Florer reviews Cindy Wimmer's forthcoming book on links and shares how useful it could be in transforming some of the ideas into clasps!



Erika said...

I love how everyone's clasps were so different! Lots of creative ideas.

Gaia Copia said...

I LOVE that you posted all the bootcamp stuff in one spot. I'm still planning on taking more time to work with other styles of these designs. Really inspiring out of the box stuff here.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I agree that this summary is great for a bookmark to refer too. Such wonderful ideas!

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