Monday, July 8, 2013

Clasp Tutorials & How to work a clasp into your Design.

Blog by Genea C-K

Hello friends!

First I would like to say thank you to the LMAJ members for inviting me to the group. I am honored to be part of such an amazingly creative group of women! 

The current Boot Camp's topic is clasps so I thought I would share some of the lampwork glass and metal clasps I have created. I love to use them in my designs!

Genea Beads Spiral S-Clasps: Rainbow Spiral, Bright Earth Bubble Button, and Recycled Bottle Glass S-Clasps.

Here are some gorgeous clasps from some of our members: MaryAnn Carol- Be Happy Ceramic buttons, Staci Smith- Large Copper Fancy S-Clasps, and Barbara Bechtel- Handmade Copper Buttons.

  I really love the style of this  Art Bead Scene  "Garden Gate Clasp". There are pages full of wonderful clasp tutorials on Pinterest as well!

Now how do you work all of these amazing clasps into designs? 
Simple style necklace with the clasp at the back.

Fancy necklace with the clasp on the right side.
Fancy style necklace with the button clasp in the front.

Now it's time to get brave! Break out those tools and try a new clasp tutorial, and work them into one of your designs in a way you have not tried yet! Break outside of that design box and show us whatcha' got!

Happy Creating!

xo Genea


stacilouise said...

Love it- that button clasp on the side is nice, I like the little details you have right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for the links, gonna check them out. I think I remember the garden gate one, I liked it a lot

Genea said...

Thanks:) That necklace was modeled after the one I made for myself It is a much more impressive button than the very first one I made and put on mine ;)

For sure! Yeah I liked it too. So pretty! Who doesn't want to spend this time of year in the garden? Xo Genea

Genea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stregajewellry said...

thanks so much. I have gone on a
"garden gate clasp binge". They are so easy to make I love the page with all the tutorials too. There is plenty to keep me busy.

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