Monday, July 29, 2013

boot camp - button & fiber closures

mary jane dodd

button closures are often used with fibers, where you create your loop on one end and secure the button on the other using overhand knots.
sounds simple and is.
but there are things to think about.

consider the fibers or materials you are using - 
will they hold up to the wear of passing a button through it over and over?
i tend to use non-metal buttons with fibers,
but feel perfectly comfortable using metals with leather or heavier cotton cording (2mm or so). 

look for strands that can catch or make closing your piece of jewelry difficult. threads and fibers can fray and split. 

i find that wrapping the loop with a finer thread (think embroidery floss weight) adds strength and durability. waxed irish linen thread is particularly durable. 

create a loop that is neither too loose nor too tight. 
you want your button to pass through relatively easily but without so much play that it will slip out of the loop.

i often use e-6000 adhesive to secure knots.

i will also opt for braiding the section of fibers that serve as my loop. again, adding strength but also compacting the fibers to reduce the risk of catching and fraying. 

buttons can add a really beautiful bit of detailing to your work. and the choices are great - vintage, natural materials and handmade abound on etsy. 

long necklaces are quite popular, but it is nice to have the option of adjusting them. i wanted to share a video with you that teaches how to make a secure sliding knot by kate drew-wilkinson. i use this knot with leathers and cotton cording as well.

thank you for joining us here at love my art jewelry - 
we're looking forward to seeing what you teach us in this boot camp!


Maneki said...

This reminds me that I have a necklace I must finish, using a variation on this type of closure for a fish leather cord.

Making your own clasps and closures is both practical (get something specifically made to fit a design) and fun as you can get very creative, both in terms of shapes/clasp types (from hidden clasps to making clasps the focal, from simple hooks to elaborate clasps) and materials used (I've seen e.g. a stick pearl and crystal square ring toggle clasp).

NuminosityBeads said...

Now you remind me that I actually have made some of my own closures especially when I was working with seed beads more. It huts my hands too much to do them like I used to but I would continue the beads and make a loop for a button to fit thru and then feed the beadalon back through at the end of the necklace and the seed beads provided enough friction for it to stay put.

Stacie said...

Really enjoyed this post...figuring out the sliding knot on the fly has always challenged me..but that video is great!

Genea said...

What great ideas for closures! I also like to burn the ends of my fibers if they will melt. C-lon, a nylon cord balls up nicely when gently heated at the end ;) I also love to use fray check.

xo Genea

stacilouise said...

great tips! I love the fiber work you have been doing, it has a very natural, soft but strong appearance (and I bet feel) to it.

Love the adjustable leather, I used to use that all the time! Will have to check out the video and see if I can get a refresher, its been awhile.

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