Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Latest porcelain creations..

Carol Dekle-Foss
Hi Everyone! I hope you have had a chance to enjoy some wonderful summer activities! I have stayed home most of the time, which isn't like me. This time of year, I'm usually camping, visiting the beach, or hiking in our amazing Sierra Foothills. After the accident though, I felt like I had lost three months so I have been really focused on catching up and working on new designs. 

 Lately, I've been influenced by affirmations and positive quotes, so I've been incorporating some of my favorites into a new line. Below are a few I've made so far. 

My first batch of "it is well with my soul." I just love this quote. I made them into pendants so they can be worn close to the heart. They need a different glaze for sure, one that highlights the font better.  I changed the design to include a cute border.

These pendants are in their greenware state, I'm so excited to see them glazed! I plan on making more designs like this. If there is an affirmation or quote that you think would be a great addition, please let me know!

Latest designs fresh out of the kiln...

A new petal shape.

More yummy cherry blossoms.

Mandala, lotus and swirl charms and pendants.

First try at the "just breathe" quote. 

A large flourish pendant.

These beads are supposed to be carved with lotus petals. Ugh...not quite as I had envisioned!

Also, I've been working on some porcelain cone ring holders. I like the swirl leaf base and the shape is good, but I wasn't going for little brown turds. Lol! I think spaced in my booth they won't look like turds in a toilet. Hahaha! I'm working on the glaze color. Any suggestions? 

Alright ya'll, give it up for the husband!

Ronnie's beads...

and his very first pendant!!! Isn't it adorable?? It's so much fun watching him play with clay.

All of the above will be listed by the end of this week to our Etsy store here. Minus the turds. Haha! 
Thank you for reading. I hope your were inspired to create!


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Go Ronnie..GO! :) Love the earthiness of his glazes - and the Thunderbird is awesome!

The pendants with words...your detail work is amazing! My favorite is the cherry blossoms...the glazing on those little charms is truly perfect! be first I did not see a "turd"!!! I saw a fingernail-less finger! :) Then after reading, I saw a Cone Head from Saturday Night Live! Seriously... I think they are amazing - a hand made ring display for your rings is really genius!

Mary Redman said...

You made me laugh out loud! The new pendants and beads are beautiful!

Anne said...

I giggled at the turd comments, too, but honestly I don't see them that way. They're a neutral backdrop to show off a beautiful ring! The brown glaze totally works with an earthy palette (maybe a gray glaze for a cooler grouping?), and the pattern at the bottom makes them pretty without competing with the rings. Two turdy thumbs up! ;)

Maya Latimer said...

Hi dear,
I really love your blog and this post is awesome!

stacilouise said...

I like the rings holders. I think the color is fine. I like it a lot actually! they look great with your rings. Rings are very labor intensive and it is great that you make displays for them, so they can shine individually,.

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