Friday, August 5, 2016

Color Palette Challenge - Caribbean!

by Sherri Stokey

Are you ready for another color palette challenge?  We had so much fun with the Starfish Color Palette Challenge, I thought we should do it again.  This time I chose some pretty blues (cyan, aqua, Caribbean blue, teal), lime green (chartreuse) and a dash of white.  It has a bit of a Caribbean feel, don't you think?  I found some pretty beads in my stash, including several handmade lampwork pieces, a ceramic pendant and a polymer clay sand dollar.  I even found some macrame pieces I've done that fit the theme:

The rules are simple:  make something inspired by the photo.  It can be anything - a painting, jewelry (of course), a scarf, a hand painted pair of shoes (wouldn't that be cool!?) - as long as it's made by you.  Share a photo of your creation with me by September 14, 2016 and I'll put together a blog post revealing them here on September 16th.  If you'd like to do a blog post, send me the link along with your photo and I'll include it.  Please send photos to me through my business Facebook page  or via email.

Who will join me this round?


Unknown said...

I had SO much fun with the starfish palette, I am DEFINITELY participating again. This should be especially challenging. That green is lovely, but soooooo out of my comfort zone, haha!

Mardi said...

Loving your creations! This might be just the impetus I have needed to do a beach themed bracelet I have had in mind for this summer. I think I better say yes to this challenge!

amber powder said...

those bracelets are so beautiful and reminds me sea. Im in love with them :)

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