Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Show it Off

by Staci L. Smith
Have you been following the latest Boot Camp:  Hold your Fire- Cold Connections?  It's a good one, a tool for your tool box with limitless possibilities!  You can check for new posts each Monday on cold connections, and throughout the week as well!!
Whether you are already an expert at cold connections, or you are trying them for the first time, you can join with us, and show off your what you are making with them in our flickr group
If you have been doing them for years, show it off!  It's a great way to inspire those new to them. 
If you are trying them out for the first time, show it off- your hard work and creative ideas are what we want to see !
Lynnea of Designs by Lynnea gave rivets a shot, and she nailed it! 
I must admit, her cuff, is exactly the sort of thing I hoped you guys would try out with rivets.  Layering metal and mixed media has endless possibilities!  And using photo's make it so much more personal. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow, on how you can make a project with a picture and rivets (or micro-screws or tube rivets).

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