Thursday, November 21, 2013

Creating From the Heart

by Staci L. Smith

When we decided to do a cold connections Boot Camp, I had something very specific in mind. I thought it was a great time of year to apply this to gifts and ornaments. 
Karen's art is chocked full of photo's.  Even if they are not her own personal ones, they make the piece personal, they add a human, historical piece to the puzzle.
She inspired me to make these pins as gifts last year. 
Using cold connections allows you to use fragile materials, like photos, without ruining them.  It allows you to create from the heart, with photos or memento's that have meaning to you.
 I just wanted to share with you a little tutorial on how to make them.  It is not detailed, I wanted to just give you guidelines so you can make it in your own style.  I am going to explain it as a pin, but you can make a pendant, or even a tree ornament or magnet.
Making keepsake pins with rivets:
You will need:
Two pieces of metal, one with a hole in the center- already textured and patina’d and sealed
Pin back with large round glue backing
(I got these at rings and things)
Laminate or mica and acrylic sealer
To assemble the piece:
Take two layers of metal- punch or saw a hole in one of them.
Print a picture the right size to fill the middle
Laminate the picture or seal with an acrylic sealer
If not laminated, use mica sheet and cut it to the right size- same as the top layer of metal or close
Sandwich everything together and mark where your holes will go
Drill hole in your backing and your pin back, and attach them by rivet
Now sandwich all your layers and mark and drill your top layer holes and one through all the layers
Drill and Rivet carefully if you are using mica sheet, as it cracks easily
Rivet the layers together.  Voila!!!
You can also add dangles from the bottom, or rivet other accents onto your piece for decoration
Here are some of Karen mcGovern's wonderful riveted pieces with pictures in them!
screaming silence- read between the lines

I truly hope this boot camp will help to make some personalized creations for your holiday gift giving- after all, a handmade heartfelt gift is better then anything that can be purchased!


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