Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

by Staci L. Smith

I have always loved Halloween.  The artist in me loves to dress up, and to see all the creativity put forth in peoples costumes.  I mean, making an awesome costume is an art all itself, right?
I also love to see what shows up seasonally on pinterest and etsy.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorites today.
Maybe these aren't totally Halloween, but they capture the spirit of the season, and I just adore them- Earrings by Two Trees Studio
This piece just spoke to me as the days get shorter, and the nights gets longer.  I reminds me of fall.  I just purchased a couple of her pieces, and I love them!
Elise Mahan Fine Art
Marsha Neal has these adorable bat pendants, I bought a few last year and they were a hit!
Diane Hawkey has some great ravens and this set in her shop!  Always nice to find another Poe fan.
Also, more then Halloween- I love the tradition and artistry that goes along with the Day of the Dead.  Diana P of Suburban Girl Studio did a blog hop with art beads for Halloween / Day of the Dead themes.  You can check out the list, so you can hop and see all the fun creations everyone made here.
However, I loved this particular blog by Linda Landig- not only was the piece she made great, but she did a beautiful write up on the Day of the Dead celebration.
I really think that Linda's piece below captures the spirit of the Day of the Dead.  It is festive and fun, and she put a lot of tidbits in there that mimic the traditions.  Just love it!
I also found this amazing necklace below.......
necklace by Wink Artisans
and (this link has a whole bunch of sugar skull related handmade)
And............. I'd also like to show off the Day of the Dead piece that I made for the blog hop. I am pretty excited about it- since it features a new 3-d bronze skull that I am working on.
you can read more about this piece here
Have a great day- eat some candy, be nice to the little kids and enjoy the creativity!!!!


Caffeine Girl said...

What a fun tour of Halloween art! I love all the pieces you shared, but those first earrings are the ones that really grabbed me!

Marisol Apostol said...

Thank you for the feature, its nice to be in great company! Sol @ Wink

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