Friday, November 1, 2013

the queen of cold connections

mary jane dodd

in my world is susan lenart kazmer - her book 'making connections' has inspired and educated me more than i could ever quantify. 

i love fire and torches, i do. 
but the challenges i find with cold connecting - from both the technical and design aspects - are very satisfying. 

this book has spent many a night on my belly, as i have fallen asleep while trying to absorb all that i could - desiring to find ways of integrating her knowledge into my language. 

she teaches rivets of various kinds, prongs, hinges, staples, etc. 

there are times you may want to set something that doesn't work with fire - like a resin cab or fibers - 

mjd - portal to awakening 2011

staci showed us a great example of cold connection yesterday in her halloween post - 

see how she linked her chain segments together with the spiraled wire?

while inspiration abounds and much is learned from personal experimentation, having a solid source of information can be invaluable. that is what this book has been for me. 


stacilouise said...

it looks like a wonderful book!

Jeni Gray said...

Thanks for the post!! I'll look for the book. :)

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I remember taking a class at Bead & Button show with her and ordering that book. It is one of my favorite to look at and really let ideas on design start to flow. And what a fun woman she is! She just has an energetic artistic flowing presence about her. I highly recommend this book too! And classes too!

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