Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cold Connections Pinterest Board

As we start this boot camp into Cold Connections, we have also created a Cold Connections Pinterest Board to serve as a place where you can find links from our blog posts about projects, tips, technique and safety in the studio on this topic.
Love My Art Jewelry Pinterest Board: Hold Your Fire: Cold Connections Boot Camp

We recognize that with the internet, and Pinterest especially, there is a fine line that dances in between learning techniques and copying work.
Therefore the items you will find on our boards on these topics are focused on techniques that are from reputable websites from artists or companies that want you to learn how to do something safely, and not from Artists that use these techniques, unless they have given permission (it is still NOT ok to copy someone else's work).

Love My Art Jewelry Pinterest Board Main Page

Often a website that sells supplies, tools, or pdf tutorials will post free tutorials.
These sites do not compensate us to promote their site, but are often artists or businesses that focus on the art of handmade jewelry making and for the most part, through our combined experiences - we like these people!

We hope that by learning various techniques by our artists and craftsmen, we will help inspire you to find your creative voice and let your inner artist free to explore and learn.

Remember that not only is it important to do the research to find the best supplies for quality and price, but to also do your best to try to purchase from local companies that help support the handmade movement - especially other artisans!

Don't forget that our "Cold Connections" Blog Hop will be on December 16, 2013 and that you can link up your blog or other URL related site to show off some of the techniques you have learned or want to share with others.

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