Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beads and Bead Show Stuff and Beads and

by Staci Louise Smith

Summer life is crazy.  The days are longer, but seem to fly by all too quickly.  With three kids at home and Bead Fest Philly to get ready for, mine are zooming by.
I am still making the beads for the show, and I haven't even begun to work out all the little details- like cards and bags and all the little stuff I should have with me. 
However, Genea and I will have necklace kits for sale that we are pretty excited about.  I just have to paint the stars for them.
Here is what she sent me
I will be adding stars similar to this

Each set is totally different, and will have instructions for a finished piece and all the materials required to make it.  I can't wait until they are all done!
I am wishing we had done more kits in another style too, but time didn't allow this year. 
This is the first time Genea and I will be selling at Bead Fest, so if our posts are all bead show focused, I apologize, but its all we are doing right now!  Our minds are in production mode! 

(shameless plug) We are booth #371 and you can find a coupon on my blog that you can print and get in for only $5 at the door, instead of the full $15 price. (back to the beads)
So, this is the progress I have made......................

painting the polymer- this is all merely first layer of paint, no antiquing or crackle yet.  They are much brighter then they will end up.
These still need to be painted. 

Metal clay is coming along, but I have a lot of metal work to do yet before the show.  If I get a lot done in the next few days, I will feel much better about where I am at. 
I made some new- HUGE bronze pieces. 

I even came up with some new designs in bronze along the way. 
I know it will come together, but right now it is bead chaos.  I have a million beads around me and none are quite finished!
I have taken over the family room too, so I can see how my display will work out. 
 I am taking lots of jewelry as examples of ways to use my beads, though I hope they invoke inspiration in each and every person who buys them!
 For those of you who can't make it to Bead Fest, or if you just can't wait to get started, I have 20% off both my etsy shops until next Wednesday, the 14th.  Use code NOBEADFEST to save at checkout.



Is there anyone who has never been to a big bead show before?  If so, do you think you will take the plunge and try one out?

I am kinda sad I won't be shopping and hanging out this time around and have to work!  Once I finally went to a big bead show, I was hooked.  I won't miss one now!


Artisan Beads Plus said...

I am excited to see how it turns out. Will you and Genea be next to each other? I think making the jewelry kits is a great idea! I cannot imagine the work that went into organizing that. It makes me tired thinking about it. Lol!

stacilouise said...

We are sharing a booth! So yep- sharing a space. Can't wait!

Kelli said...

SO wish I was closer and could come! Love the kits!

Emakaye said...

I have never been to a big bead show, never mind selling at one. Next year I am going to attend. I can feel your excitement and I'm sad I am unable to be there this year. I would love to meet all my beading friends in person. All the best to you.

stregajewellry said...

I have never been to a big bead show. Sighing..........and I doubt I ever will. It must be wonderful to see all those handmade beads and to pick up and touch beads before you buy them. I can only wish.

Stacie said...

Staci, I have one of your bead hearts on my creative alter in my studio..I love looking at it...and it inspired me to make a heart in metal...good luck with this show!

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