Saturday, August 10, 2013


'grounded' amulet - mjd 2013

claw of a badger (ethically sourced)
raw rough amber
gorgeous stone from montana
handspun fibers


where your materials come from,
your attitude
and emotional state of being while working,
all affect the energy of your finished work.

i fully believe in the power that working on a piece
and working through emotional conflict
and confusion
knowing that each can mutually resolve
to the benefit of the other.

'grounded' amulet - mjd 2013

i don't often begin knowing where something like this piece
will lead. 
but upon completion, 
i get to see it with different eyes
hear the story it wants to tell.

and always
i get to give thanks 
for the use of my hands
to work with and through
which i think,
and notice.


Maggie Zee said...

Beautiful - the poetry and the piece, like earth and air, woven together.

Kelli said...

Beautiful! Love the natural-ness of it.

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Maire, I am amazed at what you are creating while going through your healing process. Sometimes life just takes us to places that we never expect and, ultimately, if we look at it the right way, come out stronger in all ways..... physical and emotional.

Genea said...

Maire you are so inspiring. What a beautiful piece :) xo Genea

Stories They Tell said...

Mary Jane, you have again achieved a sublime result, this time with fiber and the gifts of the earth and forest. Your journey is a constant source of inspiration to me. Thank you.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It's a beautiful and earthy piece, much as your metal work is.

Weaving, in the metaphysical sense. is in itself a healing and personal strengthening process.

xx, Carol

lunedreams said...

There is something both gentle and strong about this piece. I like how the fibers hold your other elements so lightly, as if with an open hand! I hope the wounded fibers of your body are more and more weaving themselves back together too.

Stacie said...

breathtakingly wonderful...I love the direction you are going in...if this makes any really feels like you...or how I imagine you are...weaving stories and objects together!

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