Thursday, July 4, 2013

Revisiting Old Supplies

Lately I have been going back to some supplies that I had bought way back when I first started making lampwork beads almost 15 years ago. For one reason or another I abandoned them before I had used them up.
In this case I had first bought a sampler pack of what was called "Pixie Dust" for coating my beads with a shimmery sheen. And because I was casing most of my beads back then I found that it wasn't working so well for that application, tending to clump up and loose its luster.
Now that I am making more simple components for other designers rather than complex lampwork focal beads most of the time now I pulled out the set of colors of Pixie Dust to give them another try. It had been successful on a few sets of headpins I tried recently and today I had the idea of combining it with my torch worked copper enamel components.

I simply first melted in a layer of colored enamel. I had combined some of the dwindling piles on my worktable as it didn't matter so much what colors they were only that they provided a sticky base for the Pixie dust to adhere to.

I'd say they were a success

I even applied the crushed glass frit on top of the pixie dust and it adhered well enough for some added speckley texture.
The problem is with using up old supplies and having success with it is that then you want to turn around and buy more. In this particular case that is impossible as I have heard they don't manufacture it anymore.

Here is another idea that I am revisiting...double headed baubles.
I first was inspired when I saw Cindy Gimbrone's double headed headpins and she was gracious enough to let me put my own spin on them when I asked her permission.
These are great for twisting into necklaces or dangling from earrings.
I plan on making more of these soon.

A couple of KristiBowmanDesign copper charms and some ScorchedEarthOnEtsy ceramic hoops
and my NuminosityBeads baubles.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday for those of you in the USA.
The rest of safe and relax too!


Barry said...

K- your photos show that you were indeed successful - looking good. B

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I love your work! I think trying things that were left behind can put an entirely new spin on them. I find I am quick to abandon when things don't work out and I don't have the motivation to make it work out. Months or years later, I might find it again and forget I even had it! lol! Happy 4th to you :o)

ciaolucia said...

I love the sheen and gorgeous colors the Pixie Dust produces.

Erika said...

That's why sometimes it's good to not throw stuff out ;) Of course then storing can be a problem...

mairedodd said...

very successful, i would say. i just love your aesthetic and it really was a great idea to go back and revisit. with more experience under your belt you were able to do something unconventional and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Love the pixie dust on the enamel! Too bad there is no more!

Juliette Williams said...

Just love that you're posting here as well! Thanks for showing off your beautiful work :)

Karen McGovern said...

Just love this stuff! I am watching my mailbox for my grungy headpins. Can't wait to use them!

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