Friday, July 5, 2013

another kiln opening

                  by Kelli Pope

With no immediate show dates coming up, I've been glazing a LOT.  Not my favorite thing to do.  I love getting my hands in the clay, making beads, pendants, links...creating new shapes and inspirations for jewelry.   And I still feel like I'm opening a special present looking in the kiln after a glaze firing.   Unfortunately, between those 2 steps is glazing the bisque fired pieces.  Just not a very creative process, and not much fun.   So of course I have QUITE a lot of bisque to be glazed.  I'm determined to get what I have glazed and finished, before I put my hands to any more clay.  ... bummer...... 

But at least I get the thrill after the firing, if all of the glazes work.
       I was pretty happy with this run, except for the white, (looks a bit like I used White-Out on them) and the orange. Don't see any orange in there?       Exactly.    
The dark purple was a very nice surprise, as I've been trying for that for awhile.  

    The white ones will go back for another glazing... clear this time. Hopefully, they'll look better after the next firing.   
If at first you don't succeed, glaze and glaze again. :)


Artisan Beads Plus said...

I just had a kiln opening today. I should have taken some pictures. Most were successful. I have been making beads with jewelry designs in mind rather than making beads with selling beads in mind. I have tried to do that since I am now in a gallery and don't want to spend a gazillion hours trying to decide what to make given the beads that I have. It has been a new way of thinking and I will certainly have to perfect this method. I will take some pictures of some things I have made for Sunday's post. I've got to get a little faster at this or I figure I will be making about $2.50 an hour!

Kelli said...

Ha! I know what you mean. And of course, I think I should make at LEAST $50/hr for glazing (nah, i still wouldnt enjoy it) ..hahaha

Karen McGovern said...

Lovely stuff. I used to dream of having a kiln. I'm so glad I just buy from talented people like you and MaryAnn instead...Leave it to the experts!!!

Kimberly Rogers said...

That must be exciting to open the kiln. Lampwork is a bit more instantly gratifying as far as waiting for results and a few less steps from start to finish. Looks like a goodly stash you have there. How often do you do kiln loads? It must be nice though to know that you can keep trying to improve on ones that don't quite make the grade and all is not lost.

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