Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From the road.....

I'm writing you from the road! We've been up in North Carolina at a family farm for the last month and so I've taken my studio on the road! I have all of my studio comforts up here as well as additional room! The farm where we're living for the next couple months is out in the country....and while my internet ability is somewhat limited, it's also giving me the room and opportunity to stretch my creativity a bit more without all the modern distractions!

While I have all my major and important tools with me, I did leave lots of things back home in Florida so it has forced me to be a bit more innovative and creative with what I have. Before I left Florida, I purchased a huge amount of copper wire. Although it was a large investment, I knew that I would find many uses for it here on the farm making jewelry and findings.

Antiqued Twisted Wire
Twisted Copper Headpins
Plain Twisted Wire
While time consuming to make and finish, this wire is so beautiful in projects and is about 20 gauge so it accommodates wire wrapping art beads or ethnic beads that sometimes have larger holes really well!

Simple Twisted Copper Wire Hoops
It can also be used to make some different types of findings and hoops that are light and simple as is, or can form the base for larger more intense projects.

What have you been working on? Do you find you work better with a limited set of supplies and tools or do you like to have a fully stocked studio at your disposal? I'd love to hear your comments!


Kimberly Rogers said...

I love the twisted wire. I just discovered it recently. It's like it's done some of the work for you so you can concentrate on design rather than manipulating wire.
A fully stocked studio overwhelms me but I do like to have my choices especially when designing as I don't plan out pieces in advance just sorting and shuffling until something shouts out at me. I actually have studios in two places. Now that gets a bit confusing but I try to keep them both fully stocked.
Enjoy your time at the farm and enjoy creating!

Karen McGovern said...

I really love the wisted wire headpins. I have a bit of twisted copper wire and have never really used it....Love these.

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