Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Introduction and Some Salmon Skin Leather

Hello folks, let me introduce myself before I launch my very first blog post on LMAJ.
My name is Kimberly Rogers - aka Kim
Some of you may know me already from my blog Numinosity ( pronounced new-min-osity) or my Etsy shop numinositybeads.
I make lampwork and torch fired enamel components as well as my own jewelry designing.

Now that I am retired from my many years working as a heavy equipment operator and groundskeeper for the great Sate of Alaska I can pursue my passion for creating both in mixed media and jewelry making. I am fortunate to enjoy the snowbird lifestyle spitting my time between Alaska and Arizona with a healthy dose of world travel in between.  My husband and I are inveterate collectors and share a love for the shiny, sparkly, vintage and antique collectibles, ephemera and stones. 
I maintain two glass studios now as I can't bear to be with out my ability to do some torching for half of the year.
This past March we went on a trip to Chile Argentina and Uruguay.
It was in Puerto Montt Chile where I found an artisan leather shop that was selling leather made out of tanned salmon skins. I just knew that it could be an element that would work well in my designs.
I simply cut out the leather for dangles in these pieces.
I appreciate the lightness of the leather as I like to make large pieces and the weight of the components can add up quickly.

A simple redo on some earrings I had made previously that had sari silk ribbons that didn't highlight the lampwork. I was much happier with the backdrop of the salmon skin leather.

Some of my torch fired enamel against  a bit of fringe.
 ( almost too easy but I like the effect and these sold immediately!)

Putting the textured leather behind some nearly transparent beads gave the beads some new life.

Here's what the pieces looked like before I started cutting them. I left half of the supply back in Arizona for when I return next fall.

Here's what Staci Louise made with some fish leather.
She sandwiched it between the elements in the focal piece.

I'm sure there must be more sources than Chile for fish leather. Right off the bat this Canadian company selling fish leather showed up on my google search. 
It's quite possible that I may be able to dig up my Chilean source as well but with my moves back and forth I sometimes have trouble locating things!

And here I am happy at the Pink Palace in Jaipur from when we travelled to India last year.
It's hard not to be inspired when you go to a place like that.

Thanks for having me as a new contributing member to Love My Art Jewelry.

You can also find my facebook fan page here or see my Pinterest boards 
I have a board that features the way other jewelry designers are using my components here.


stacilouise said...

WELCOME! we are so happy to have you! You have newly inspired me to dig out my fish leather. Not sure what kind of fish mine is though, its not as fine as yours, mine's a bit thick and big scaled.

Kathy Lindemer said...

The leather made great components for the earrings. I would never have thought about using it. I learned something new today!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Welcome, Kim! I am so envious of your retirement and time for bead and jewelry making. I've got a few years left until I am hoping to be able to do the same. I am really excited to get to know you!

Beti Horvath said...

Never knew there was such a thing... another thing to crave!

Patti Van said...

Welcome! Yoir work is amazing...I have never heard of this before!

Barbara said...

Welcome Kim! I'm so glad you've joined us! That fish leather is AMAZING!

KayzKreationz said...

Wasn't Puerto Monte beautiful? I was there in 2009. Loved it, but I was only just starting beading and didn't really look for any beading supplies. I love that fish/salmon leather. Will have to google and see if I can find some to play with. Love what it does to your beads.

Gaia Copia said...

Wow! I have often looked to your Etsy page for inspiration before I sit down to play with clay. Your colors and textures are fabulous! Your worldly travels must contribute to your designs a bit as you bring that little something extra into your work.

What an amazing change in direction from operator to jewelry designer. My husband is a heavy equipment mechanic and our shop talk certainly spans the spectrum at night. It looks like you are enjoying your retirement.

So glad to see you joined LMAJ's team of wonderful designers and I look forward to your future posts.


Kelli said...

WELCOME KIM!!!! So glad to have you!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that fish leather!!! Never heard of such. The texture is fantastic.

Sally Anderson said...

Chris at Good Quill Hunting has fish leather. FYI. She's based in Denver.

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