Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fall 2015 Color Inspiration

Carol Dekle-Foss
Is it too early to start thinking about fall colors for jewelry designs? I say heck no! The fall equinox is just around the corner, so even though temperatures are high, I think it's the perfect time to check out the latest color forecasts for inspiration. 

With that being said, it's more important to choose colors that reflect who you are as an artist. Colors can by very powerful by helping you express what feelings and moods you want to evoke in your designs. 

I like to get to know Pantone's latest colors by making these boards. This helps get my creative juices flowing!

Personally for me, these are not the colors I will be working with this fall. I am being drawn more to luscious warmer shades, like burgundy, deep wine and forest green. I've started a Pinterest board here with rich colors and beautiful textures that I want to experiment with this season.

Also, here are some ceramic beads and pendants hot out of the kiln today!

Ceramic bead shop update soon to come over the next few days!

So what do you think about Pantone's new Fall 2015 color line up? Also, whats your process of choosing colors for your designs? I'd love to hear how you come up with your color combinations!


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

I hate to rely on predicted colors - I tend to design with colors I like, perhaps to my own disadvantage! I have never been influenced by the Pantone colors...and I really think I need to pay more attention. Now, the last picture of your pendants - and your lovely beads in a bowl - those are my Fall colors!

When I was on vacation last month, I downloaded an APP for my IPad - Colorify. It features black and white drawings and a series of color palettes in which you "paint" each drawing by selecting a color from any palette and "paint" at will. I find myself coloring every single night when I finally hit the couch for the day. This has been an eye opener for me, discovering what colors "go with" each other!

Sherri Stokey said...

I love putting together colors that on the surface don't seem to "go" together. That first photo (tree) is gorgeous - LOVE the palette. Thanks for the inspiration!

Carol Dekle said...

Thanks Patti! I've been seeing your posts on fb with your Colorify results. It looks like so much fun and your work is beautiful! That's a great tool to see how colors will look together. The work I did before as an interior designer (in another lifetime it seems like) we had to always be aware of the latest colors and patterns.

Sherri, isn't working with color so much fun? You do such a great job choosing colors for your pieces, I love seeing what you will do next. I'm glad I could inspire you!

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