Thursday, August 20, 2015

BEAD FEST Fall 2015

by Staci Louise Smith

I remember just a few years back, when I was about to do my very first I was excited!  
Genea and I shared a booth, it was so fun!

It was all new and shiny- we didn't know what to expect....we were little fish in a big sea.

This year has been very different.  I know what to expect.  The nerves are not there like they were the first year..........and though I am still a little fish in a big sea, I feel like I have learned to swim better!  

This show does prove have a bit more excitement leading up to it though.  It stands out from the art and jewelry shows I do, because #1- there are lots of bead and gemstones and #2 there are lots of bead and jewelry friends I get to see.  (You can see where my love lies.)

This year, I am sharing a corner with our own Marsha Neal!!!  We are in the back of Artisan Alley with Nikki Thornburg and Diane Hawkey.

As I have been prepping (and if you want to read about that craziness you can do that here- with lots of eye candy pictures)

I have been thinking how much things have changed over the last 5 years for me.  Not just how my business has grown, but how I have grown.  I can honestly say that without the support of this wonderful bead / art community I could not have done it.  Without other artists sharing marketing tips, cross promoting, encouraging me..........well, I would have given up I am sure of it.  Anyhow, that is all.  I am thankful for my online friends, and that I get to see them at least once a year if we are all lucky.  I am thankful for this blog, which has allowed me to share what I have learned and for the ladies who have guided me and been there by my side.

(picture of some of the bead gals together for a dinner) 

I am also thankful for the readers, who read what we put on we are not "talking" to ourselves (which I actually do at  studio life can be lonely- though I usually chalk it up to "that was directed at the dog")

OK...Crazy month of prep= a very tired me.  So thanks for listening to my sentimental tired post.  Onto more fun things, like- 

A coupon to get into Bead Fest for the entire weekend for only $5.  Print this out and bring it with you- and feel free to share it.  (if enough people use my coupon I could win some free advertising).  

I am booth 572B and you can find a map of the expo center with booth numbers on the main Bead Fest site

Now for some eye candy.  After a month of intense bead making, I could NOT wait to play with the new beads.  And of course, I need samples that are current and something new to wear as well.  So, here are a few I whipped up

If you are able to come out to Bead Fest, please stop by and say hello!  Today I leave to go and set up all these goodies in Oaks.  wish me luck!


bug Jenkins said...

That big yellow/rainbowy focal is amazing!!

Nan Smith said...

Good luck, Staci! I hope you sell out! I love everything you make.

Liz said...

Your pieces are gorgeous! Love that elephant! Love the big brown abtract focal and the big blue abstract focal! Oh and the peacock feather focal on your lovely necklace! Wish I could be there...Philly is so close but haven't been able to make it to the show because of scheduling conflicts every year. Best of luck for a fantastic show and great sales:)

Heather Wynn Millican said...

LOVE all of the muted color choices. Your components and jewelry are wonderful. I know you are bound for a successful show! :)

Janet Bocciardi said...

oh my goodness - I wish I was there to see those top two (and you!) in person. Amazing work. Good luck!

Almost Precious said...

Oh how I'd love to attend the Bead Fest, unfortunately just can't afford it this year. :(
I do love the rich colors and wonderfully organic, earthy look of your latest jewelry creations. Several of them remind me of the ocean and walking along a sandy shore collecting shells and bits of treasure that the salty waves have deposited upon the beach.

Lee Anne Messerschmidt said...

Keep the posts coming... I can not be there this year! Living my life vicariously thru you !!! :)

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