Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wrap Bracelet at Bead and Button Show

I have been so busy working on these Braided Silk Bead Bracelets getting the kits ready, that I backed myself up against a wall for Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, WI next week!

I've been working part time at Sarafina Art House in Elkton, MD and one of the women that I work with (the amazing Kyla) was kind enough to film and edit a video tutorial for me that I could put up on You Tube.

It's my first time doing a video tutorial, and I was a bit nervous - but it was a LOT of fun.
Just like teaching a class says Kyla - good advice!

I have yet to update my website, but did get the kits into my Etsy shop (boy - this business end sure is a lot of work!)

I've even got a hashtag so when people make a bracelet, they can post a pic of it with #MNSBeadedBracelet and it will show up.
I am mostly curious to see what art beads each person chooses to use as a closure bead!

And next Tuesday I will be arriving in Milwaukee, WI for the Bead & Button show.

Tuesday night, June 2 from 9:30-11:30pm there is a Moonlight Madness at the Hyatt Hotel where a bunch of vendors, including myself, will be selling a small amount of work - like a preview of what is to come for the main show June 5-7 (the show preview night is June 4) held in the Milwaukee Convention Center.

See what is going on through social media: #BeadandButtonShow
I can be found as: Marsha Neal Studio in booth #608 at the main show, along with Nikki of Thornburg Bead Studio.

My sister has been over this week helping me bag up some small special show bead mixes to go with the variety of silks that I will have with me at the show.
I am going to feature these bracelet kits as a make and take for people to do at the show.

I am figuring that there is going to be a mecca of handmade beads for people to buy and match up - make a bracelet in a few minutes, then wear it to show it off!

If you are going out there, make sure to swing by and say Hi!

I'm off to get into the studio to glaze more beads - one can never have too many beads for a huge show like this!


Carol Dekle said...

I love your bracelet kits Marsha. Their borderline genius! I enjoyed your YouTube video too, very thorough and detailed. Your a natural teacher! Good luck at the show!

Sherri Stokey said...

Awesome video!! I really like the look of these bracelets - great way to show off the beauty of the silks with the ceramics. I want a whole arm full of them!

Kathy Lindemer said...

Great tutorial and bracelets! I hope to give this a try.

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

What a great video! I love the look of these bracelets...especially for the upcoming Summer months! Best of luck to you (and safe travels) at Bead and Button!

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Thank You All :) Almost ready to go - this time tomorrow I'll be on my way (SO EXCITED!!!)

Yolanda M. said...

Great video Marsha! I love those silks!

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