Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Feeling Uninspired?

by Sherri Stokey

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks, even) when it feels like your creativity has left the building?  You've ground to a halt; come to an agonizing standstill.  Your muse is on vacation.  The idea fountain has run dry... I think we've all been there, but I'm here to help today with some ideas on how to find that spark again.  I find inspiration everywhere!  The wall decoration above is a good example.  I found it at a yard sale for $1 and besides the fact that I love it in all its kitchy glory, it gave me a little seed of an idea that turned into this micro macrame piece:

Micro macrame bracelet based on colors from 1970's kitchen decoration.

Fun, don't you think?  Flea markets and garage sales can be a treasure trove of pieces that may just transport you to another decade and change the way you look at things for a little while.  Anybody remember these Tupperware containers in avocado green and burnt orange (my mom is still using hers):

Beaded bracelet based on colors from old Tupperware!

Try to change your mindset and look around you.  Common, everyday objects can provide you with ideas on colors and textures.  Even sand:

Sand dunes in macrame (bracelet).

And water:

Freeform macrame inspired by water.

And street signs (this is from my hometown, Valentine, Nebraska, and yes, they really do stencil hearts on the sidewalks on Main Street):

Valentine inspired bracelet with hearts.

If you have a talented person in your family (or friends), maybe you can piggyback on their creativity to jump start your own.  My mom makes beautiful quilts, but maybe you know a painter or a weaver or a clothing designer?  These are a couple examples where I drew inspiration from Mom's work:

Patriotic quilted piece and macrame bracelets in red, white and blue.

Quilt in purple and green colors inspired a macrame bracelet.

Are you getting excited yet?  Seeing some possibilities?  If none of those ideas appeal to you, you can always turn to color palettes pulled from photos.  

Blue and gold color palette and beaded micro macrame.
Color palette based on NASA photo and resulting macrame piece.

Try thinking of the photos a little differently, too.  Instead of just pulling a color palette, consider the shapes, textures and movement in the photo.  Is it something you can use?  Like these undulating lines:

Micro macrame bracelet based on USGS photo and color palette.

Or this texture:

Bead weaving spiral necklace inspired by lizard photo.

Or just pick up a feeling from the photograph and go from there.  In this next piece, I tried to capture the feel of the waves lapping up onto the sand; the foam; the colder, deeper water further out:

Micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

One more place you can turn in a crisis and then I'll leave you to ponder.  One of my all time favorite color palettes is pulled from the raku finishes on some of the art beads I've collected (these are from Star Spirit Studio).

Beads, cord and art beads (pendants) in raku colors.

I think I could use these colors for years without getting bored (raku focal pieces below are from Star Spirit Studio, Spinning Star Studio and Elements Pottery and macrame work is by yours truly)!

Micro macrame bracelets and necklaces featuring art beads.

If you get to that point where you're uninspired, try taking a look around you again with fresh eyes.  Hopefully some of these ideas will help you.



stacilouise said...

wonderful color inspiration! Thank you sherri!

donnie said...

Love this!

Donna Geurin said...

Sherri, great post and this really makes me think about color.

Katherine Thompson said...

WOW!You your work is spectacular! Your inspired objects are a fantastic way of seeing inspired expression!

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