Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Earrings, earrings, earrings...DISPLAY!

Carol Dekle-Foss 
What's your biggest seller? For me it's earrings. I try to have as much on display as possible when selling at craft fairs or festivals. I created the three displays pictured below all from recycled materials. They hold a TON of earrings for me. Do you have any picture frames laying around that you can refurbish? 

The cork board was already in this pretty frame when I bought it, but you can purchase cork board from craft stores and add it to your frames. All I did was hot glue burlap to the board and trim it with fabric lace. 
I love how easy it is to hang and remove the ear wires through the stitches in the burlap. I kept the center as the cork board so I could use the decorative rose pins to hang necklaces. 

When I purchased this frame, it already came with the chicken wire. I just stapled the back with some light colored fabric to make the earrings stand out more. 

I  painted two of the frames so there would be continuity in my booth. I used all the metallic glazes pictured below to highlight different areas of the frames for contrast.

You can hang your picture frames, use picture frame stands or simply prop them up. 

So what do you sell the most of and how do you display your creations to attract customers? I would love to hear from you!


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

These are awesome! I have picture frames with cork board as well - but I just love the addition of the burlap! Your jewels are gorgeous, too!

I have not done a craft show since December 2013 - epic failure and don't have the energy to go through that again!

Erika said...

The frames and jewelry are beautiful, Carol! They would even look great to store/display jewelry at home in the bedroom!

Patty said...

Brilliant and gorgeous! And a very good idea to provide a neutral backdrop behind the earrings. Really helps them stand out. Nicely done!

Barbara said...

I love the idea of burlap to simply hang the earrings....that works so beautifully with your personalized price tags. I have several similar boards that I've used foam board and fabric on and use pins to hang my earrings on cards. Shows where I live are usually terribly windy since I'm so close to the ocean, so I don't use free standing easels. I made my frames into easels, and then pin them down with a clamp at the back. (after about the third time they blew over and earrings went EVERYWHERE :)I love your display posts Carol! They always leave me inspired to make my own display better!

Carol Dekle said...

I know what you mean @Patti, I only do 2 or 3 shows a year, and feel like I should do more! @Erika, They hang in my office so I have easy access when adding new creations. Plus they look pretty! Thanks miss Patty! @Barbara, If you do build that wall, you will really have to brace it for the wind if you live by the ocean! Lucky girl. Glad I could inspire!

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