Monday, July 28, 2014

Teaching at BeadFest

by Staci L. Smith

I will be an instructor at BeadFest this year!  I am so excited to be teaching here for the first time.  I am offering a Painted Polymer Fossil Talisman class.

here is what the class samples look like

In the class you will learn to form an organic focal and accent bead in polymer clay, and then use paints and other materials to create a crackle antiqued finish on it.  To finish it up, you learn to make it into a necklace mixing many materials, teaching some organic style wire wrapping, and using sari silk in your designs, along with chain.
In order to make sure I was prepared, I had some lovely ladies to my house for a test run of the class.  I am so thankful I did.  They were wonderful with tips about things they liked and didn't like in instructors they have had in the past.  It also helped me to make a timeline for my class, so it runs smoothly.  The practice class really helped me to nail down how to work through the project. I write a lot of tutorials, and teaching it live was a whole new ball game! 

I was thrilled to see everyone work through all the stages of the class and go home with completed and wonderful projects!  They did amazing....and I know it has opened a lot of possibilities up to them.

Here are the extra beads they got to make, since we had plenty of time to play

And here are their finished necklaces

Didn't they do so great???

I came away from the day with an amazing feeling- so, I know I am on the right track and that teaching is a good fit for me.
I also got great feedback from the ladies.  They said it was packed with techniques and it was a very fun class to take.  That was great to hear, because I really did want the class to cover a multitude of techniques (and who doesn't want their class to be fun?)

So, I will open this up to you guys as well, because I want to be the best instructor possible.....

I am open to tips, suggestions, and / or just fun stories of teaching or taking classes! 

If you are interested in taking my class at Beadfest, you can sign up here

If you plan to come to Beadfest to shop, you can print this coupon and save $10 at the door- make sure to stop by and see me Booth #371!  I will be selling my beads there as well!

Never been to Bead Fest?  Check out my blog from last year after the show!!!!

It's a great time on the East Coast....I have more fun every year I go!


sandi m said...

Wish I could be at Bead Feast to take your class. You must consider teaching at Bead and Button since I'm so close. Or, better yet, a video class would be wonderful and then the whole world can take it!!
But to answer your teaching question, my recommendation is to demonstrate by steps. In other words you talk about/demo a step and then everyone goes back to work on that step and then you move on to the next, etc. I've been in classes where too many things are demo-ed at one time and then you go back to your seat and wonder where to start because you were to trying to absorb and take notes on what was just shown. Oh, and then have a teacher who is not very helpful when asked questions. Have good handouts, too. And announce/make clear any disclamers to protect yourself/your business.
You'll do great Staci - lucky students.

stacilouise said...

Thank you Sandi. The breaking it into steps was recommended to me by others also, which I had planned to do. I think I rocked the handout, you could not take my class and still get everything you need to know (you can tell I usually write this I hadn't though about the disclaimers though, thank you! all great advice!!! I am taking notes

Shaiha said...

Dang this is one class that I would like to take. Have fun and be sure to tell us all about it.

Mary Redman said...

I have long admired your work and I would love to take a class from you! I have to agree with Sandi M---please teach a class at Bead & Button because I would be the first to sign up! It would feel like I was taking a class from a movie star because I have admired (from afar) everything you do and I love reading your posts. I was thrilled to see your jewelry in person at Bead & Button. Keep making the lovely original work! Mary

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