Monday, January 27, 2014

What is going on around here?

by Staci Smith

I was going to do another Boot Camp re-cap, but I will have to do it later this week, as I totally got behind on it!

So I thought I'd give you guys a little update on some new directions we are taking the group this year.

Our group is smaller now- but its good, we have a great core group of artists!  We will not be posting daily in 2014.  We know everyone is busy; us, too busy to be blogging as much as we'd like, and you guys, too busy to be reading blogs all the time.  So we'd rather leave posts up a day or two, and give everyone more of a chance to read them.

We are doing Boot Camp again this year- it will start in February and be each Monday for 2 months with a blog hop at the end.  So look for that to start next week.

We are also hoping to have some random theme posts- like Tool Time, and Polymer and Ceramic Tips, ect. 

All of us here love sharing with you guys.  We love sharing our success's and failures.  We enjoying seeing you guys try new things.  We hope that this year will be another wonderful year of getting to know you guys, and moving forward in our experience of art and jewelry!


freshbakeddesigns said...

Whatever, whoever, and whenever there is a post on LMAJ, I alway learn something new or find some inspiration. Thanks so much for all you do. And I cannot wait to see the newest Boot Camp!


stacilouise said...

Thanks Lynda! That is what we hope for!

stregajewellry said...

Less is often MORE to my mind. Fewer postings can be more in depth, give more time to try out ideas and less stressful trying to read all and keep up. Great idea.

Anna Novi said...

Yuo are fantastic!!! Thank you for all your suggestions!
If you can, come to see my blog!
I'love to! :-)


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