Sunday, January 5, 2014

A change for the new year......

So, last week I made a promise to myself to reorganize the studio. You might have read the post. This probably is not the best picture I could have started with because it appears more cluttered than it really is, but, in reality it gives me so much room to work on considering I was dusting off little areas to be able to hammer, cut discs, etc.

I first had to decide what it was that I was lacking and that was storage space. Everything in the room was landing on my workbench and it needed to go. I decided to only keep the stuff that I reach for on a regular basis on the bench. I knew that I needed a few more shelves since the wall space was wasted. I bought some inexpensive brackets and Bill cut the wood. Together, we had those up in 20 minutes.

I also looked around and gave some thought to what storage I really like the most since I own LOTS of plastic storage in various shapes and sizes. I decided that the one I have always liked the best are these little $10 Sterilite drawers that you can buy at Walmart.

Now, I have easy access to different things I might need while working. I might pick up a couple more of these. The five drawer ones are 12 inches high and only about 8 inches deep so they do not take up much space.

I had shelves that my husband Bill Perrine built me a couple of years ago. I had stored all of my commercial beads on them. Since I really do not use any of those, I decided that they could just go in a place that is harder to reach for me and make some room for the things that I use more. As you can see, I have mandrels (very long because I cut my own), copper pipe and various gauges of wire that I purchase from Lowes or Home Depot. I also sorted out my copper sheets and noticed my supply is starting to get low. It's time to call the roofing company and see what they have in scraps.

And... then there was the TV stand that I was just going to get rid of. I decided that since it was on wheels and I absolutely hated where I had my makeshift light box, that it might work as a stand for my light box. Now, I can roll it over to the window for some natural light too. I haven't tried it out yet, but I am hoping that I like the choice that I made. I am using the shelves underneath as storage for my various props that I sometimes use when taking pictures.

That now left me with a work table where the light box was. I have no clue what to do with that, so for now, it is a spot to put the other things that I have no clue what to do with!

Lastly, and most importantly to me, is my firing station. I use fire bricks because I can get a little crazy with the torch.  I won't zoom in on the burn marks on the rug! I also had this little shelf that my mother-in-law picked up at a garage sale. It was just sitting in storage since I really didn't think it was something I would ever use, but as it turns out, it holds the enamels perfectly! One day I will remove the Mighty Dog labels and label the colors.... maybe.....

So, when I am done with this I am excited to go and work on my first project enameling discs for my friend Karen McGovern. I LOVE making discs for her! Not only does she give me free rein to do as I do, but I smile every time I see them in her creations. She is an amazing artist!


So, I am really going to try to keep my studio neat. I know the reality is that it will not look like it does right now even after today's work. I do hope to, at the very least, not let it turn into a disaster again!

I hope you are having a Happy New Year so far!

and.... as always....

Thank-you for supporting artists who create handmade with handmade,



Jayne Capps said...

very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Erika said...

I LOVE those enamel discs you make for Karen! And I LOVE what she does with them! A great artistic collaboration.
Your studio looks very nice!

stacilouise said...

I love when everything is organized. soooooo refreshing. I just hate digging in and then keeping it that way ;) It looks great, and I think you will love the light box on wheels, what a great idea! (I also adore your dics- so awesome...and what Karen does with them is amazing too)

Kristen said...

Organizing is a challenge once you start but then it can flow with inspiration. Keeping it that way is always a challenge

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