Sunday, December 29, 2013

So, they say you have to first admit you have a problem...

MaryAnn Carroll
I debated on whether or not to actually expose this side of myself, but since admitting it to the world is the first step in getting help, I thought it might be the way to go! My studio is a disaster! One of my biggest issues is that I hate to clean up after myself. That does not apply to every aspect of my life, but it does apply to creating. It's not just when I create beads and jewelry, it happened when I was remodeling my former house too. I tend to work until I am exhausted and when I reach the point of oblivion, I rationalize my bad behavior. So.... when that happens over and over and over, you tend to get something that looks like this.


My studio is located away from where we do most of our daily living, so I don't really see it unless I actually want to get some work done. I really only use it for a couple of things like enameling, soldering and anything else that has to do with using flames. Everything else finds its way to the kitchen table that starts to resemble something similar to my work bench.  I tend to organize that a little more though since.... well..... the grand kids visit regularly! With stuff all over the kitchen table, it screams, "Come play with me!"

What you see above used to be an organized spot where I kept all of my commercial beads. Somehow, this ended up looking like what you see and I do not really even know how that happened, since I rarely even go through any of this. My best guess is the day I decided to raffle off $500 worth of beads to donate to CNY SPCA.

Here, you see my copper pipe hangin' out with the mandrels that will be cut to size when I cannot find any in my pile on the bench!

And a closer look at my hazardous firing station! Yes, a disaster!

And there was actually a time that I was taking pictures of my creations in my little makeshift light box and listing them on Etsy. That hasn't happened in quite some time either. Life just got the best of me and I have not found the time nor the desire to list on Etsy. I am waiting to get my groove back, which I am sure will come in time.

And lastly, I do not even know why I have this old TV stand. I guess I thought I might make something useful. That didn't happen. No need for any white glove test!!!

So, I am not really one for New Year's resolutions, but I do know that my plan will be to reorganize this small nightmare.  Now, that I have exposed the ugly side of my art, I plan to have a new improved look to share next Sunday. Stop back.... The pressure is on!

Mary Ann


Lori Schneider said...

looks pretty neat to me

JuLee said...

Hey, at keast you can see your floor LOL... I have a path from my door to the desk where I work. The rest of the floor is covered in stuff I have yet to put away. It is a wonder I can get anything done in there!

KiKi said...

Dear Mary Ann,
Wow, i too have a similar groove in my studio, yet, your work space looks sooo clean and organized compared to mine.I normally have 4 or 5 projects going on at once, and not until i can not easily find the tools i need to finish them is usually when I look at my space and say, OH MY, what have i done ? which then proceeds to me cleaning up. Thanks for sharing. Fran

Cory Tompkins said...

Good Luck with your challenge!! I would probably get lots of creating done if I was supposed to be cleaning since the opposite seems to always happen!

NuminosityBeads said...

Most of those shots would be "after" pictures for me. Looks rather organized really!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Ha! I should have taken a few close ups! I am happy that I am not the only one that works like this ;)

Kelli said...

Looks great!!!! Im lucky to even get the door open on my workroom right now! It's SCARY! And there is a stack of boxed bisqued beads and box of glazes on my living room couch. Ugh

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