Sunday, July 28, 2013

Walking Through the Art....

MaryAnn Carroll
Summer is a crazy time for me. It is inevitable that I try to fit too much in the 10 weeks that I have free from teaching. I've refinished some furniture, finished some unfinished furniture, made beads and lots of jewelry and plan on painting the house! Ughh! I hope I can get to it. 

This weekend we have been doing an art show in Syracuse, NY.  Today is the last day and I am hoping that it is a little more productive. There was so much going on in Syracuse besides the show, that I think it brought in many people who were passing the time before the Jazz Fest started. Such is life..... Today will be cool with a chance of rain. I am hoping the rain waits until 6pm after we have torn down.

I thought I would share another weekend event that is weather worry free. It is the First Friday Art Walk started by our own Marsha Neal. The event involves the many artists who are part of this Etsy team (all Etsy artists are free to join) and many will be offering sales. I will not be able to partake this time, since I will be in Michigan spending time with my sister.

Although, I cannot say these artists will have sales going on this weekend, I would like to share some handmade beads from some of the First Friday Art Walk Artists.



Do you love shopping for art? There is just something very different when you use art beads in your designs. A new friend of mine, who is also new to jewelry making, came to visit with a necklace that she just made with her own handmade beads and components. I was blown away! It was gorgeous with her turquoise raku beads and hammered copper tubes. She always reminds me that I was her influence :o)

What or who was your influence to create or buy handmade with handmade? If you have or have not started using handmade in your designs, check out some of the art work that I have shared. Who knows, maybe one of them will be your influence.

For updates about the First Friday Art Walk, please visit their blog.

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Karen McGovern said...

Love the pics of beads and such, especially the bananas and lace egg beads...beautiful! My sister Lynn got me working with handmade beads-- she is a wonderful lampwork bead maker. She actually got me interested in jewelry design in the first place! I love incorporating handmade beads and components in my designs, as you well know...especially when I know the artist personally or have a dialogue with them. Adds so much personality to the work!

Genea said...

I hope you did awesome at your show! I am also in the first friday art walk group! Yikes I forgot to post new stuff! Lol, I blame Bead Fest Brain! I have been spending many busy hours preparing things for the show.

xo Genea

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