Saturday, June 8, 2013

Donut Holes are Not the Boss of Me!

National Donut Day was yesterday - June 7th - but I maintain that any day is a good day for a donut!  In my last post I showed you some simple beaded bail ideas for donuts made of glass, stone, or clay. There really is something about that donut hole that seems ideally suited for placing a bail.

But who or what is this little hole to dictate how/where we place/attach our bails?, I ask! What if I pretend that donut hole doesn't exist and treat the donut as I would a cabochon I want to transform into a pendant:  bezel it with beads and then work the bail off of the bezel.
In this case, The bezel is rather elaborate and texture-laden while the bail is kept to a minimum and not even visible from "the front."

My husband declared he liked the reverse better, however, in which case the bail is visible.

For this Artisan Clay smoked donut, I let the bail take on a stronger design role and just varied the beads used for the inner rows on each side to make the pendant reversible.

Whether or not the donut hole is a "functional" element in your design is entirely up to you, the designer.

Be well and get going!
Carol Dean


Kathy Lindemer said...

I love this design. Well done as always!

Patti Van said...

Just beautiful! If you and all of the other talented bead weavers keep posting these lovlies, I may have to actually try these techniques! I fear my eyes will fail me, though! By the way, the fist pendant is stunning from the front or the back!

Sally Anderson said...

These are so pretty and all this talk about donuts is making me hungry!!! I think the one Terry like the back on is fine with the bail showing. It's pretty!!!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Those are very cool! I was offered a free doughnut at Dunkin' Donuts yesterday and am proud to say that I declined!

stacilouise said...

LOVE your donuts designs. I still remember the first time I saw your work through Kristie! I just hope we never have to shop together, cause there will be elbows flying over donuts!

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