Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wire Demonstrations at Bead & Button Show

It is always great to go to a bead show not only to buy supplies and tools in person, but to also get to meet some cool people that love their craft and run successful businesses that revolve around that passion.
One of my personal favorite companies is Beaducation (based out of California).
Not only do they have just about any tool or supply you could want for your metal project, they do demonstrations while their booth is open. You have a question, they have an answer and are more than happy to demonstrate a technique for you. 
Here is Taryn demonstrating how to use solder paste and a torch to solder a teeny jump ring closed. 
Notice her use of safety glasses? These girls mean business. And they have videos on their Beaducation website too.
Look at all these pliers (check out their Beaducation Instagram feed for pics before the show). You could easily get into trouble at this booth!
And here is my friend Nikki of Thornburg Bead Studio demonstrating the way she puts together layered pendants. Nikki encourages all of her customers to ask questions, take photos for reminders, and will demonstrate and make up jewelry while you wait.
Here is her selection of handmade glass headpins & some of mine that she had at her booth (there were more, but they are making their way to Fusion Beads in Seattle, WA - so if you are out that way, stop by and ask about their new beads from Bead & Button).
I also met Eva Sherman at Nikki's booth. I gave her a few beads & she made me this great ring overnight! She is teaching classes here at Bead & Button, and in August at Bead Fest. I adore having pieces like this added to my collection & artsy going out clothes...
My friend Marti Brown is here teaching classes on Niobium wire. She is amazing with this material! I want her to do a post here on Niobium to help educate people on what it is and how it is colored. To me, the process is scientific magic.

Big shows like this are a great place to get to catch up with like minded, bead & tool obsessed individuals that are quite like family. Bead Fest Philadelphia is next in August. And there will be a lot of artists there this year (more than last year). It will be a grand bead family reunion!

What are your favorite things about going to bead shows?

PS - I'll come back and add active links once I'm home and have computer access.

Off to spend the last day at the show, then to fly home tonight...


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Great post!!

Kelli said...

Very cool post! Really want to hit this show one of these days.

sandi m said...

Great post! Saw your lovely pieces yesterday at Niki's booth. Always sad that the show is here and over in a flash.

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