Thursday, August 9, 2012

Handmade Hang Tag Tutorial

I've received so many supportive comments on my last post and these hang tags, that I thought I would share my method and show you how I make them!

As I've mentioned before, these came as a result of my hoarding saving so many supplies. About a year ago, when I started thinking about using up some of my horde, I started printing my own business cards after I ran out of commercially printed cards. I also had 2 large beautiful reams of very heavy cardstock I had purchased for projects and cards when I worked at a print shop many years ago.

{SIDE NOTE: Most of these photos have text, so click on them to make them larger.}

Here, you can see the original letter sized piece of paper and the cards (already cut). This is how they look after I print them. Before I trim them to business card size, you can see that there are going to be left over strips from the printing margins and design of the cards.

This is what I'm leftover with after the cards are cut. I decided to save all these strips and they have been lying around the studio taking up space waiting for a creative use......HANG TAGS!!!!!

I decided I wanted my tags to have an antiqued look, so I decided to stain them even darker than the camel color they are. These particular strips were dyed with a strong tea stain, but you can also use diluted walnut ink, a light acrylic paint wash, diluted water colors or stamp pads for a different look.

Next, I trim my strips to their desired lengths. Most of my strips were 7" in length so I just decided to trim them in half to 3.5". Once folded in half, they measure 1.75" and have different surfaces for writing.

......Here's a little closer.

Next, you'll need a stamp for the front. You could have a custom stamp professionally made and that would be ideal! Since I'm being frugal, I had this address stamp from VistaPrint that I've never been particularly fond of, so I decided to make it a test subject.

I carefully peeled off the stamp from it's self-inking base, trimmed the address part off, and adhered it to an acrylic stamp block. The remaining adhesive was enough to keep it stuck and I'll be able to remove it later.

If you don't have an acrylic stamping block (although I recommend it to easily see the placement when you're stamping) you could also use the lid of your stamp pad, or the wooden top of a regular rubber stamp. Even the smooth bottom of a drink glass will work!

Next, I used watercolor to make a small dot that mimics the hole reinforcements of traditional tags. I don't concern myself that they are perfectly round. I prefer the random shape. After my watercolor dried, I stamped my tags!

Next, I punched my holes with a 1/8" craft punch. Then I cut thin string and attached them to my tags! DONE!

Here's a tag attached to a bracelet. I use the inside of the tag to write information about the piece and I use the back of the tag to write the price. I like this because I don't like to see the price and my handwriting on the front. I also feel, in a show or shop setting, that this invites the customer to pick the piece up and learn more about it and feel it in their hands.

I hope you will give this a try! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

If you make your own hang tags, I would love to see pictures!


BluMoon said...

Fantastic! what a great idea I really like them, thanks so much for sharing.

Stacie Florer said...

Love this idea...and never even thought about pulling the stamp off and doing the acrylic smart is that? Also,the staining of the that...adds more of a handcrafted many things here that resonate..great post..and thank you so much for sharing!

stacilouise said...

love how you are using all parts of your materials! I give the long strips to my kids to make book markers, but there are only so many book marks a mom can be gifted;) great use of them!

CraftyHope said...

Blarg . . .I've tried to comment twice and the comment form is acting up on me.
ANYWAY! I love this idea and am especially smitten with your use of the watercolors for that bright pop. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Mary Hicks said...

These are so clever, and adorable! Who wouldn't want an item with a tag that's as beautiful as the item itself? Love it!

ciaolucia said...

Beautiful, love the shape and colors!

mairedodd said...

excellent! all of it... thank you so much for sharing this part of your preparation... you are to be admired for your thoroughness -

Libellula Jewelry said...

No waste and even more artistic beauty--what's not to *love*?

Great job!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Awesome tutorial Barbara!! I am definitely going to try this !! xoxo Cat

Micheladas said...

what an awesome idea... I am def going to do this.. thanks.

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Those are sssswwwwwweeeeeeEEEEETTTTTT!!!!

freshbakeddesigns said...

Love the fact that you care that every part of your work is hand crafted...even down to the hang cards. What may have started out as a money saving effort became part of your total look. Thanks for the tutorial.

Kelli said...

Love it !!

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