Friday, June 7, 2013


                                                                                                    by Kelli Pope

      This past weekend, I had my second outside art show of the year.   The first one was pretty good, so I REALLY had some ground to make up replacing my inventory.   Lucky for me, I have this INCREDIBLY talented in-house assistant, who enamels copper beads for me.    I was running low on my  own finished ceramic beads, so I was THRILLED to be getting new beads from Steve.  Oh, but wait......   I also have to mention his buddy Ed....  or as I've always fondly known him, "Big Ed"  :-)     Ed has been helping Steve out with this new hobby, and has recently advised me, I now have a "team of skilled craftsman"   :) ha ha!     Am I a lucky girl, or WHAT!!!!????    I had purchased some new brighter enamel colors for Spring, as that is what customers seemed to be more drawn to.  And brighter enameled beads, still lend themselves to my more rustic aesthetic.     

    Here is my favorite piece, which I was JUST lucky enough to get a picture of before it left my booth. 
The picture just doesn't do the beads justice.   The rich dotted shades of darker green and reddish pinks in the green enameled beads made them look like ripe pears.   These beads are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! 

And here was my 2nd favorite piece...    I just could not keep myself from putting ALL the colors together. 
    And last night, Steve surprised me with this................ I'm amazed!!!!.   I didn't even know you could "paint" with enamel.   This is so adorable... can't wait to put this into a finished design with the bright yellow beads.    Ladies and gentlemen... Steve truly is an artist!!!   :)   (You too, Big Ed!!!!  ;0 )


Erika said...

All of those pieces are gorgeous, Kelli, Steve, and Big Ed! I like to put all the colors together in one piece too :) That pendant with the flower is beautiful! Nice job!

Numinosity said...

Aren't enamels amazing. I feel as though I've only scratched the surface with this vibrant medium myself.
are these all torch fired pieces? I know the painted one probably is not. Luscious pieces, your necklaces.
Assistants? What a concept!

stacilouise said...

Good job guys! LOVE that first piece too

Kelli said...

Yes, they are torch fired.

Kelli said...

Yes, they are torch fired.

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