Thursday, June 6, 2013

Can't Get Enough Headpins

I think most of us know what headpins are for in designing jewelry. 
It seems to be a source of confusion when I'm trying to sell them to the general public, however.
Hatpins? Hairpins?  What are these for? How do you stick them in your head?
I even show examples of how I use them in my own work but I still get blank looks at times.
I'm going to go with the assumption that you have an idea of how to use them "to stop the beads from falling off" but I'm not sure if anyone realizes the scope of how many wonderful handmade artisan headpins are being made and sold. If you are a designer or even a bead maker it seems that a little imagination and creativity can bring a new dynamic to your designing with this versatile component.
These are my crusty rustic line of headpins which are being used in any number of ways to accent earring designs 

I think I could make these all day every day to meet the recent demand but of course a person gets a little weary of making the same thing all the time so I try different things like these crustified millefiore orbs.

Throw in a little crazy color once in awhile

Crubbly paddle shaped headpins which can serve as a dominant element.

Lightweight polymer clay leaf headpins by BeadyEyedBunny on Etsy

or more traditional copper balled headpins also by BeadyEyedBunny

Here are some headpins made by Jiorji out of Utee inspired by fancifuldevices' tutorial

orange rustic flowers out of polymer clay by BeadyEyedBunny

 Here is a button shaped headpin that I have in my NuminosityBeads Etsy shop

I frequently make these long "oober" lampwork headpins which make quite a statement

You can see how Nikki from LoveRoot likes to incorporate them

And how Beatnheart has artfully wired them into her design.
You can find many other example of how my headpins have been incorporated on my Pinterest board

KristiBowmanDesigns makes some beautiful copper headpins out of metal clay

Here's what I did with a pair. These earrings "First Snow" just made their debut in this issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry!

Here's where you can purchase fancifuldevices Utee headpin tutorial.
You don't need a torch!

I like how fancifuldevices has used my mismatched paddle headpins to great effect on these earrings.

Some amazing artisan lampwork headpins by LoriLochner that could stand alone
 (figuratively, that is)
These are only a few examples of the array of headpins you can find on Etsy. You only have to do a search for handmade headpins and you will find so many more to lend that extra something to your designs.

I almost forgot to include some of the headpins the headpins that inspired me to write this post. These are by Ginger Davis Allman  from Blue Bottle Tree who also has a tutorial for making rustic beads and components out of polymer clay.

and she was featured in Polymer Clay Daily with these rustic beauties


stacilouise said...

I love the freeform rustic style of your head pins. I think everything needs a dangle somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Nikki's earrings, her use of the long headpin is perfect!

mairedodd said...

these are all beautiful examples, kim. i myself am hoarding some headpins of yours - crusty black

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Oh yes - your headpins are fantastic! I love the creative names you have come up! And, some beautiful examples shown here too - thanks!

KristiBowmanDesign said...

I love headpins too!! You showed me some new ones, thank you!! I also love what you did with my paisley headpins and I'm thrilled they made it in to Belle Amoire!!!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

OMG! Fabulous!!!

Beatnheart said...

Thanks Kim for using my earrings as one of your examples in this well written post... Your headpins make my job easier.

Cynthia @ Beatnheart

Elaine Ray said...

Wow! Thanks for the morning eye candy.

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

Wow!! There are so many wonderful headpins out there. So many lovely colors and shapes and ideas. You've picked a great bunch, Kim. Thank you!

Shai Williams said...

Now that I am drooling... I have some decorative headpins but they are the plainer ones. I had NO idea of the wide variety.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Great post, Kim! Love your headpins as well as the examples shown from this talented group of ladies. So many inspiring unique varities and styles.

fanciful devices said...

aw, thank you for using my little theeeengs in this awesome post. yeah the only problem i have w/your headpins is they get used so dang fast. poo.

Juliette said...

What am I doing, seeing this just now? What a great post, Kim!! Congrats on getting your beautiful earrings into Belle Armoire, too! I am in love with crubblies, they look like little Earths. xoxo J

Jiorji said...

i love your guest post Kim! great job

All these lovely headpins! so much beautiful colour(thanks for showing my yellow glittery ones)

Leah Curtis said...

Thank you for including not one, but three of my headpins! I'm one of those people who can't get enough headpins. Thanks for all the great links! YUM!

HenrietteWhite said...

Wonderful post about headpins!

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