Although there is beauty when creating with a mixture of handmade and commercial, there is a certain artistic flare that will only be found when the entire piece is handmade.  Creating handmade components is a talent that is time consuming, requires diligence and a creative imagination.  The end product in this process brings the artist pleasure, not only with the handmade components, but then seeing that component turn it into a beautiful piece of art jewelry, whether entirely with the artist's interpretation or from a piece that another artists might create using the components.

Components and jewelry created from raw materials are entirely at the mercy of the art-maker (but the art-maker is also at the mercy of them).  To even begin a piece, one must choose from a myriad number of options and narrow them down, then focus their energy. These energies - the physical and intellectual (both right and left brain) - get channeled into the work. The effect can be powerful.

By choosing "handmade" you are certain to be creating or purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece.  You will also feel an intimate relationship with the maker ... a union of sorts, when wearing a piece created from all handmade.

These final products occur at one time in the maker’s life and captures something that hasn’t been captured before. These moments in time are precious - and in this work one can find touchstones to deeper feelings or values.  In our world, it is easy to get lost between the hectic pace and sensory overload - phones ringing, texts coming in, computers.  The energies of something designed and executed by a person with intention can be grounding.

Take the time today to notice the difference when created handmade with handmade.
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