Thursday, January 31, 2013

USA Postage Rate Increase

by Staci L. Smith

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the international first class price hike is most likely going to effect you in some way.

The United States Postal Service has done some re-vamping.  They changed the name of some of their services, and increased prices.  The prices that were most effected were the international shipping, especially the first class small packages.  The prices have gone up from about 100% to 106% in some cases.  The new rates are currently in effect.

You can check out some of the information here on the Etsy blog or this blog really did a good job laying out the pricing as well.

I know that we are all shocked.  The prices are insane. I guess over time, we will start to accept it, like we did when silver jumped in price.  For now though, we are all still wide eyed and shaking our heads....wondering how this will effect business.  Paying $8-12 shipping for a few beads is most likely not going to happen, and some countries have customs fees to pay on top of that.

I changed my shipping last weekend in my shops. Its high, to cover myself, since some of them jump $3 if its over 3oz.  So I offer to refund the difference, so that my customers don't overpay.  Hopefully this won't scare anyone off.  

Any thoughts on what else we can do as sellers?  

Buyers, any concerns?


Libellula Jewelry said...

I've refunded overages, too but recently learned that Paypal is starting to look at that in a negative manner. Someone in the Etsy forum was talking about how too many refunds--including postal overages--will now trigger some kind of account freeze. It's got me worried. Does anyone know more about this?

stacilouise said...

Oh geez! I'd freak if my account was frozen. I may have to look into that. I hadn't heard of it before. Thanks for the heads up. Anyone have experience with this?

Anonymous said...

As an international buyer of artist beads, I have to say I will probably change my buying habits somewhat, but I won't stop buying! Sellers may need to revise their packaging, to make it as small and light as possible, while still protecting the beads.
Maybe on orders that are likely to be heavy, it would be worth the buyer/seller having a convo to work out weight -- I'd hate to be just over the weight limit to put me into a higher postage rate -- I'd rather add something to or take something out of the order, or have the seller pop a little extra in to make it worthwhile.
The one good thing I see from the changes is that tracking will soon be available for international mail!

Mystic Indigo said...

I ship everything in a Priority Mail Box...I have been looking at how to ship cheaper, but I'm a little afraid of the bubble mailer, although, I am putting what someone purchases in a jewelry box. I just sent one out yesterday, so I will find out if it got there ok...USPS is getting pretty pricey..but whats the alternative?

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Ughhhh! That is terrible. I raised mine also, but not sure it is enough! I will have to check into this further. I don't know of any other alternative.

stacilouise said...

I bubble mailer for international, but I put the pieces in a box inside. I think that lighter packing is a good idea, lighter boxes perhaps. GREAT feedback from beadrecipies- THANK YOU! I think communication is key here. I added to my little note about shipping that if there is anything else I can do to make it easier for international shippers to please let me know. You have some really good points about it just being over the weight or not for the next price bracket. Unfortunatley for me, I often don't know the exact weight until I am at the post office. its something to think about though.

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