Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Importance of the Photograph!

Periodically, I like to go through my old jewelry design photos and look at what I was doing in the past, to get some ideas about what to explore now, and in the future.

This was a pendant that I made years ago that was the precursor to an earring idea that I have just recently had published in the August edition of Step by Step Wire Jewelry.

I love how one idea can lead to something else...the photo above was my first try at making post earrings a little over a year ago.  Right now, I am exploring post earring designs, and have been going through some old photos of jewelry that I made years ago, trying to find some inspiration when my skill set was just emerging.

One of the best decisions I have made regarding my craft is to photograph every single piece of jewelry I have ever made. Having a photographic archive to refer to when I am feeling stuck has been fantastic. When you are just beginning, you are awash in new ideas, but your skill level may not be up to par to pull them off. Photographing your growth can help propel you in new directions later on down the road, providing a vehicle to explore those new ideas that were trying to emerge.


mairedodd said...

going to have to check out the magazine... congratulations on the publication...
and you are so very right about the photos... yours are always really well done!
love those earrings, by the way

Artisan Beads Plus said...

I agree that taking pictures is a great idea. I try to, but can honestly say that sometimes I ran out of time. Also, Stacie, are post earrings difficult to make and do you know of any tutorials online?

Mystic Indigo said...

Thank you Mary Jane! And MaryAnn, post earrings are not terribly hard to make, once you get a system down pat for soldering on the posts. I am using pre-made sterling silver posts that I solder onto the back of my earrings...you have to make sure the ear nut size and post size are a good fit, as they make a few different sizes of each. Also, I am trying to make sure that the post position is in a good place to make sure that if the customer has slits from wearing heavy earrings that they are covered with the front part of the post earrings. I am using a 3rd hand to hold the post perpendicular so I can solder quickly. I may do a video tutorial on this in the Fall, but i am still experimenting in my studio!!

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