Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Symbols with Meaning

When I was a kid, I loved sparkly colored gemstones and diamonds.  I thought they were elegant, pretty, and symbols that a woman had "made it" in the world, and that she was loved.  Of course now I know that they can be meaningful, and they can also signify empty promises.  The Olympics are starting on Friday, July 27, 2012.  This year they are being held in London.
London is the home of the crown jewels.  The Imperial Crown of State in this picture contains in all 2,783 diamonds, 17 sapphires , 277 pearls, 11, emeralds and 5 rubies.
Another significant British jewel, Princess Diana's engagement ring is now worn by the beautiful Kate Middleton.
Real Gold Medals
The last Olympic gold medals that were made entirely out of gold were awarded in 1912.
The Medals
The Olympic medals are designed especially for each individual Olympic Games by the host city's organizing committee. Each medal must be at least three millimeters thick and 60 millimeters in diameter. Also, the gold and silver Olympic medals must be made out of 92.5 percent silver, with the gold medal covered in six grams of gold.
You can read more about this year's Olympic medals here .  They are the most expensive in Olympic history and are being guarded in the Tower of London.
Soon, we will see the world's elite athletes being awarded medals for first, second and third place wins.   Some think it's a decadent waste of precious metal.  I think it's an important honor.  I think it's good that we still mark our celebrations, our love, our champions and our heros with symbols...and I think it's one of the honors that we as jewelry designers and artisans have.  I'm sure most of us feel pressure and maybe anxiety when asked to make something special....I know I do.  But I also remember that it's being asked to take part in something meaningful and important, and makes me proud to do what I do. 
What is your favorite event?  Enjoy the games!  

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Artisan Beads Plus said...

Today when I was working out on my elliptical, I was starting to talk myself into quitting early. I then said to myself, "The athletes didn't get to the Olympics by quitting early.... ," so I continued! This will be an Olympics not to be missed!

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