Wednesday, April 13, 2016

David Bowie Blog Hop

by Staci Louise Smith

The David Bowie blog hop is tomorrow!  Come here in the morning, and you can add you link to your blog post, and hop along to see everyone's pieces and read about their inspiration.

I will be honest, my piece is still only sketches, but it will be done for tomorrow!  

Here are links to other posts on the blog hop for more information and details.

(please note the date has changed for the hop from the original date.  it is tomorrow, 4/14/16)

As for me, I think I have decided to use pictures of David as inspiration, since his photo shoots and fashion were every bit as much a part of his art as his music.  

Having a love of wild fashion and a deep respect for anyone willing to break the molds of society, I am deeply moved by all the wonderful stages of his life long transformation and growth.

Anyhow, we do hope you will join us!  Make your piece, write a blog about it and the inspiration and link up here tomorrow morning.

We do ask that if you add your blog, that you check back through the day and take time to read everyone else's blog as well (and leave a comment, cause everyone likes to see who is reading their blog!).  We really hope to create a sense of community between artists as we honor this rock / creative legend.

'Till tomorrow!

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