Friday, April 8, 2016

A little on inspiration vs. copying

by MaryAnn Carroll

Every now and again, I've heard of things coming up where people feel their work is being copied. I, personally, don't worry about that too much because I believe an artist that is true to themselves will always have work that outshines anyone who tried to imitate. And there will always be people that don't know the difference, but does that really matter in the big scheme of things?

I find that getting "inspired" by others work is a motivator. Sometimes when I am in a slump, I might see something that I like and it gets my brain stirring with all kinds of ideas.

Take for example, this beautiful necklace created by Karen McGovern. Check out more of her work.

Lovely, isn't it? I think so.

I looked at the shapes of the stones, which I really like, and decided to make a bunch of pendants with a similar shape.

I'm not sure how I will be using these since my thinking cannot process that far in the future. I was thinking of using a very cool crawl glaze on these when I get to that point. These still have to be cleaned up and bisque fired before I do anything else. I'll share some pics when I'm done.

So, what is your take on the topic?

Inspiration or copying?


Cory Tompkins said...

I think if you're inspired by the shape of something but use a different finish, texture, etc and don't use them to create the same necklace it's not copying. My goodness if shapes are off limits because someone else used them were all in trouble!

sandysewin said...

My goal when I make a piece inspired by someone else's work is that my end result should not resemble the inspiration. If I look at something and can't think of enough ways to change it to make it my own, I move on.

Cricket said...

What a great topic! I am also a designer and have had the unfortunate experience of people using my work (both published and taught) for monetary gain. I think it's ok to be "inspired by" someone else's piece BUT, only if you are making it for yourself or as a gift. And, being sure to give credit where it's due(: letting the receiver or persons who compliment you on it know where you got the idea. Wanna teach or sell one then proper etiquette is to contact the designer and ask. Thanks for the

Patricia Quinn said...

I think it is inspiring. I find I do not try to copy, which is impossible anyway unless you have a supply list. I may start with the inspiration piece but when my finale piece is done it does not look like the insperation piece. I have used instructional materials to learn techniques in which case the finale piece then may resemble the inspiration piece. But then the author is releasing their ideas to be used by others.

Karin said...

Copying is completely out of the question for me, but inspiration is not. Occasionally I run into a design dilemma and love to turn to pinterest to see how someone else might have solved it and then incorporate the solution into my own piece, which is generally very different from the inspiration. I think we have all come across something that looks similar to something we have created and it can be annoying, but as long as it is not intentional and straight up copying, I'm okay with it.

Karen M said...

My take on the subject is that "copying" is a compliment as long as you put your own spin on the piece and give credit to the original artist. We all copy whether it be a color, shape or concept. We borrow from nature and all things around us. I'm a novice so I'm not talented enough to replicate someone's design100% but I do look to others for inspiration. Good topic.

dorylyn said...

I remember in the 80's, a group of female friends got together and started painting on T-Shirts and before long EVERYONE was painting on t-shirts. Then I remember when Lance Armstrong put out his yellow rubber bracelet before long EVERYONE had rubber bracelets. Inspiration, copying, greed? I don't know. This artist is inspired by others work but I would never "copy" their work exactly and call it my own.

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