Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Slow Recovery and the Season for STONES

Ugh. Excuse me while I blow my nose for the 40,000th time today. *Cough*Wheeze*Sniff*

I got bronchitis. Then, because bronchitis is for BABIES, I got low-grade pneumonia. As opposed to fancy high-grade pneumonia--I'm not THAT high maintenance. No, just give me the garden-variety lungs filled with fluid, mucous producing viral infection that only makes you FEEL like you are dying as opposed to ACTUALLY dying. As I said before, ugh.

In all seriousness, if any of you are suffering from this terrible season of snot slinging illness--I FEEL YOUR PAIN. As one friend put it--the Holy Trinity is NyQuil, DayQuil and your cough drop of choice. (I prefer lemon, thank you). Also, I am not an Earth Mother. I did not gather my own organic echinacea flowers to brew into tea. I did not get a Z-pack (whatever THAT is), and if I hear the words "neti pot" again I will punch someone in the throat. Humans are gross, germ infested snot manufacturing organisms and I PEAKED at mucous production. Seriously, I deserve some type of award. My trash cans overflow with used tissues, and I believe I have been directly responsible for the felling of a swath of the Amazon rainforest for paper production. My deep-chest cough would attract a bull moose. My raw, red nose rivals a baboon's flaming butt.Give me the strongest over-the-counter product that will simultaneously knock me out and clear my sinuses. I fall asleep every night on a NyQuil/Zyrtec buzz that mostly gets me through till morning.

That being said, I'm actually feeling better. After almost a month. DAMN! Thank you to all my friends who were kind enough to leave me completely alone knowing full well that when I am sick I turn into a cave-dwelling troll. I appreciate the Facebook messages and the refusal to visit. Seriously.

So, studio time was a distant memory. Up until yesterday (for REAL) I hadn't been in the studio for almost three months. Holidays, life, work all got in the way then the freight train of illness really stopped me in my tracks.

BUT I'M BACK, BABY!!! Yesterday and today were good days. I have continued my Time Traveler series and begun fondling all the cabs I have in stock. YOU KNOW YOU DO IT TOO! Sit and run your fingers over all your pretty rocks....sigh.  

The Path Least Traveled - from my Time Travelers Series

Gorgeous natural surface quartz cut by Angela Fowler

Which brings me to my next topic--IT'S ROCK SEASON!

The Tuscon gem show is over, all our favorite vendors and artists are home. Most are also fighting some sort of travel bug, because as wonderful as the Tuscon gem show is it should really be named the Tuscon Gem and GERM Show. Everyone gets sick there--I believe from handling all the gorgeous beads and gems that everyone has literally DROOLED OVER ALL DAY. Anyway, everyone is home with suitcases full of loot and it's now ROCK SEASON! Be sure to check in with your favorite vendors to snatch up all the wonderful goodies they have brought back. For instance...

Kimberly Rogers of Numinosity Beads is offering GORGEOUS stones she got in Tuscon along with her spectacular lampwork. I'm FREAKING OUT over the spiny oyster shell strand...TAKE MY MONEY, KIM!

Nikki Zehler, the force of nature behind LoveRoot, is creating AHHHHMAAAZING works with stones from her endless stash--her new stuff is DELICIOUS.

And my go-to for super-spectacular cabs, Angela Fowler, is offering some serious treasure over at Designer Cabs and More on Facebook.

So, wipe your noses and get back in the studio as soon as you can. There are so many lovely rocks to play with, beads to string, metal to melt and wire to wrap!!! Remember, we have an awesome David Bowie inspired blog-hop, too!!

Here's to a healthy rest of Winter--remember, Spring is right around the corner. Then we can all start bitching about our allergies.



stacilouise said...

It's the most, wonderful time, of the year! (sing it like it goes!)
I LOVE when everyone gets all the new stones and beads from Tucson. One of these years I am going. one of these years

Kimberly Rogers said...

Thanks for the shout out. Yes it was definitely the Germ and Mineral Show this year. I'm already wishing I had bought more as I was very restrained this year with my purchases. I hope I can see you all there one of these years and hope you feel better soon, Karen

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