Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What is IFTTT?

Carol Dekle-Foss
  I was inspired by both MaryAnn and Karen last week to link my Facebook page to twitter. I was so happy with this discovery, that I began to wonder. Could there be a social media management tool to link my other social media sites? That would be amazing, and a major time saver. It might even motivate me to post more.
So after a few hours sifting through google, I found IFTTT. "If This Then That. It works by automatically connecting platforms and services across the web. 

There are so many social media sites right? Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc etc. Oh, and let's not forget blogging. One would need a clever marketing team to keep up with it all!  IFTTT helps tame the social media beast by using different 'recipes' that you create tailored to your needs and how you use the web. Let me share with you some of my recipes and my new social media strategy using IFTTT.

First, I just started using Hootsuite to post to my facebook page, twitter and Instagram. They only allow three social media sites for free. And that is where IFTTT can help. You create your recipes with hashtags to share to other platforms. Here is a screenshot with the recipes I am currently using.
The first recipe is a post from Instagram to my Instagram board on Pinterest. So now when I post to Instagram with the hashtag #terrarusticadesign, it publishes automatically to Pinterest. Love it! The second recipe is a post to Tumblr, and the third to Flickr. With Hootsuite, and IFTTT, that is SIX posts in just one step. How cool is that?? Unfortunately, IFTTT doesn't have all social media sites, like Google +, but I think they are adding more all the time.

I am in no way affiliated with IFTTT, I just love how helpful it is and thought I would share. It's a great tool that you can tailor to your own needs with many options. Their platform is also easy and fun to work with.

So what is your social media strategy? Do you use any social media management tools that work for you? How do you deal with all the social media options, and which ones do you prefer to use? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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