Thursday, September 10, 2015

The In Between

by Staci L. Smith

Well, I really really really wanted to have some sort of "how to" post for you today.  But it did not happen.  We were away for the holiday weekend for one last holiday hoorah- beach time with family and friends.

I will tell you this though, the weekend was beautiful, and we took some of Marsha Neal's kits (and some of her loose silks and disc beads so we could make even more) to the shore.  

find them here:

My daughter is 11 and my friends daughter is a year older then her.  I thought they might enjoy making them in their down time.

Not only did they have a great time making them (I ordered another kit- yep- they had that much fun) but my friends daughter decided they can also be worn in her hair, as a removable hair wrap using a bobby pin through the loop hole.  How cute is that?  

So very creative of her!

Not to mention, while we were in Ocean City NJ we had to hit the Potomac Bead Company- and of course we all shopped there too!  
Fun times!!!

So that is where I am right now, in between.  I have a ton of things coming up though, so I will have much more to write about in the near future!!!!  I am making polymer this week and jotting notes for possible videos and classes.  
Then I need to make a bunch (ton, massive amounts) of jewelry for my upcoming fall shows.

The list is longer then that, but that is all I can mentally prepare for at this time !!  LOL!

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend to end the summer and I cannot wait for all the fall colors, cooler weather and great new fall bead designs to start showing up.

 Like Marsha's cool little pumpkins

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