Friday, May 22, 2015

Introducing Myself

by Sherri Stokey

Who is going to introduce the new person?  Nose goes!  Yes, that me with my finger on my nose (not in it - really).  Didn't you always dread that part of the class when they said, "Why don't you stand up and tell everybody a little bit about yourself?"  *Groan*  

I said I'd do it though, so here goes: My name is Sherri Stokey and I am a maker of micro macrame jewelry.  Ms. Staci Louise Smith (maker of really cool beads and jewelry) invited me to write a guest post a while back and instead of being properly appalled by my piece, they actually asked me back on a regular basis.  Go figure (#willwondersnevercease). 

 I am an obsessed jewelry maker with an emphasis on macrame and a curiosity about all other techniques.  I've dabbled a bit in bead weaving and I don't totally stink at it, but it's not my passion.  I tried playing with polymer clay, and that I do stink at.  I tried torch fire enameling and ended up with a slightly singed thumb, a bead permanently adhered to the rod and melted mini blinds.  Metal work resulted in more personal injuries (minor, but why push my luck).  

Somehow I always work my way back around to micro macrame knotting.  I like it and it's a good fit for me, too.  It doesn't require any power tools and I am not at great risk for putting my eye out with the scissors since it's a sedentary activity.  I usually use glue to end my pieces rather than flame, which is probably better for everyone involved.  Besides, the process of turning of turning a bit of cord and a handful of seed beads into something beautiful fascinates me me.  From this:

To this:

Or from this:

To this:

So that's what I do when I'm not sitting around with my finger on my nose trying to avoid whatever unpleasant activity is up for grabs.  

A few other facts about me:
I retired almost 6 years ago, but I work full time (and no, I'm not that old).
I have two (mostly) grown children and one absolutely adorable grandson.
I've been married for more of my life than I was single.
I'm allergic to beavers.
I can't swim and water terrifies me.
I've eaten turtle (tastes like chicken) and gator (tastes like mud).
My family has a "go plan" in case of a zombie apocalypse.

On that note, I'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming and I'll see you back here in a couple weeks!  

PS  If you're looking for me in the meantime, you can follow me at or drop me a line on Facebook.


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Welcome Sherri! I have been a long time admirer of your work and so glad you have joined us! Looking forward to your future posts!

PS - I am not going to ask how you know about your beaver allergies......

Terry Ricioli said...

Love your work! I've yet to try micro-macrame, but I used to love the larger cords. I've been wanting to try enameling, so thanks for the heads up on the mini-blinds!

Carol Dekle said...

It's so nice to have you part of the group Sherri!!! I'm in awe of your jewelry and how you create such intricate detail. Looking forward to your future posts!

I've eaten rattler. Tastes like chicken;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri, nice to meet you. I've seen your work before and admire the pieces you do. Nice to learn a few more things about you.

Ann Schroeder said...

It's great to see you here! I know I will enjoy reading your posts as part of the team. I love your work, and have identified your tutorials for when I get time to learn more about micro macrame. :)

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