Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fiber in Jewelry: Micro Macrame

Hey, kids!  Sherri Stokey here to tell you a little about my spin on using fiber in jewelry making:  micro macrame.  Haven't heard of it?  Picturing a plant hanger?  (Tell the truth.) When most people think "macrame", they think of thick jute and fist-sized ceramic beads tied together and used to suspend plants from the ceiling.  Or owls (what is it about macrame and owls?). 

 I made my fair share of plant hangers in the day and a fringed belt or two, but I didn't really go crazy for macrame until about a few years ago when I discovered nylon bead cord and found a renewed interest in knotting.  The cord I use is twisted nylon (usually C-lon or Superlon brand) and is available in four different sizes.  I favor the middle of the road size, which is .5mm in diameter.  It will fit through an 11/0 seed bead and an 8/0 bead will accommodate two cords. 

And the best part about nylon bead cord?  It comes in 104 different colors!  That means there's usually the perfect color to match my art beads:
Raku pieces by Star Spirit Studio

Let me show you a feew examples of what you can do with micro macrame, seedies and art beads:
Focal pieces from Dreams and Elements

Ceramic end pieces from Scorched Earth

Lampwork focal by Laurie Ament

If you haven't tried macrame before, but would like to give it a try, you might want to start with something like this piece with some half knots sections and regular old overhand knots between an assortment of beads (free tut here).  It's simple and a great way to use fiber to showcase some beads.  
Ceramic leaf from Marla's Mud

The strap on the necklace below is another easy one - I even have a free tutorial on how to do it on my blog (here).
Pendant by Humblebeads
Have I changed your mind about macrame?  If you're ready to up your fiber consumption (see what I did there?) using nylon bead cord and micro macrame techniques, you can find lots more information on my blog at, including links to tutorials and online classes.  Oh, and in case you are still looking for that macrame owl...  You're welcome.


Patti Vanderbloemen said...

What a wonderful post! Your jewelry always amazes me - it's not just the knots (say that 3 times fast!) it is your keen eye towards color selection and patterning! The textures you achieve (I am a texture girl!) is what really draws me in! Thank you for all the links - I may have to put micro-macrame on my to do list!

stacilouise said...

Great post! i laughed the whole way through :) i love your sense of humor (and your sense of color as well). My mom did the macrame pot holders in the 80' I love the look of the micro macrame. It give each piece such great texture. thank you for sharing with us

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I think my knees just buckled and I had to wipe the drool from these pics! Thank you SO much for sharing your beautiful work here on LMAJ.

Oh. Knotting... How loved you are, as is your beautiful work Sherri! Oh. I am just in love...

Creative Haven said...

Those are gorgeous! and I want to hug the rainbow cords photo

Karen McGovern said...

beautiful stuff! This definitely gives me more incentive to try to work with fibers. Thanks for sharing!

Carol Dekle said...

Beautiful work Sherri! I has always admired those who can work in small detail. It takes patience, to which I have none! I am currently ogling one of your bracelets in your shop. I may have you make me a custom bracelet!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Ha! I was a macrame addict in my younger days..... I made plenty of plant hangers!! Thanks for showing the showing the option in downsizing. I just might try that. You work is gorgeous!

Chantal said...


I like creating micro-macrame jewelry myself. I think it enables to give free rein to one's imagination and offers a lot of posibilities to create different jewels. I really love your gorgeous work. You are vey talented.


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