Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tutorials and Boot Camps at your Finger tips

by Staci Louise Smith

We are having a snow day here in Eastern PA today.  I think we are all ready for Spring by now, though this is a "nice" snow.  Fluffy, packs good, there is enough to make it fun and pretty and not just a messy clean up.  It is not covered with an inch of ice.....ect.  So, hopefully it is the last, but its at least a nice pretty and peaceful snowfall.

Anyhow.............................due to tax prep, tax appointment and kids being around, I am just getting to my post.

ring by karen mcgovern

There have been some nice changes to the blog that I want to share with you!

Last year we had a fun time doing Boot Camps, which were composed of many tutorials and posts on one topic of jewelry making.  They were wonderful and packed with information as well.  

earrings by barb bechtel

We have also posted random tutorials as a group through the years.

  Well, MaryAnn has organized them, and if you click on the tabs above, you can either go to tutorials and see what we have to offer- which is everything from basic wire wrapping to soldering bezels!

bezel by staci smith

Or, you can browse through the Boot Camps.  There was A LOT of information in each one, all written by different authors.  That way you not only got different tutorials and tips, but you get them from many different perspectives.

earrings by maryann carroll

Right now we are deciding on some new things for the upcoming year!  So stay tuned from more tutorials, tips and hopefully videos too from us!

Happy Creating!  

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