Saturday, January 10, 2015

... in the details

offering bowl - mjd 2014

the air of winter 
may be biting, but in its
sting i feel alive. 

my work over time has evolved into simpler things. my focus is upon solid craftsmanship and defining details. even my writing this year (because i felt like i was losing focus somehow) is being combined with some haiku writing - where the choices all matter - you only have 17 total syllables to work with. 

but in our work, this too is true. there are things you will always need - findings, texture, metal, beads or other materials. they are defining. 

bracelet bar - mjd 2015

as i am me and
you are thee, there must be peace
for the sake of we. 

there are days where components are my focus. they provide opportunities for practicing what i find to be important - creating texture, attention to details, attainment of satisfying patina, even what i choose to clean the pieces up with (sandpaper, steel wool, brass brush, nail shaping block, etc.). and figuring out if the addition of something really does add, or if it detracts and was just fun as an exercise in trying something new. 

this has taken me years - 

it's important - as you work, you find out what makes your work yours. there is no way to really know at the beginning, it takes time and mistakes and victories to find out. it takes listening to your heart and being attentive to what makes it sing. you can successfully execute a design, but is it something you want to do again or reflects your aesthetic? 

what are details that matter to you? what ones do you feel are key to your work? 

wishing you all a year filled with what you need - i think i speak for many when i say that 2014 was a bit of a brutal one. let's hope for something a bit gentler. 

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Anonymous said...

Details, details, details. When I start up a piece from my imagination, I start it one way, but as I go things change so naturally. Something I'll create turns out totally different than what I planned on doing with a piece. My hands are doing one thing and my imagination didn't plan it that way. A lot of times my work will end up totally different than what I had in mind. This is just part of my creative process. It's not a bad thing, riight?

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