Thursday, December 4, 2014

When it Gets to be all Fun Again - JUST Fun!

by Staci Louise Smith

I truly love what I do.  I feel blessed every day that I get to create for a living.  However, I won't lie, I hate the business end of it, and at times, my art seems a little too much like work for my liking.  (I still wouldn't trade it for the world)

I miss the days of creating just for fun.  Now that I have a business, I have expenses, and it has to keep making money (not to mention three kids that never stop eating!  lol!)

The holidays are my favorite time to create.  I don't have  much going on show wise, it slows down, and I get to make gifts! 

 Gifts!!!!!!!! GIIIIIIIFTS! !!!!!!!!!!!!
 (that should be said like Elf screams "SANTA- I KNOW HIM"- in case you were wondering how to emphasize that)

I honestly wish I were a wealthy woman, I would make things just to give away to make people smile.  I love to just make things that I know someone would like- it is my pure joy.  I am very lucky the ladies in my family agree that one can never have too much jewelry- makes the holiday fun for us all.

This year though, I did something a little different.  I feel a bit silly, because this thing I did, well, I think it officially makes me a groupie, I think.  
See, my whole family just loves this group- Jubilee Riots.  They used to be Enter the Haggis and we have gone to see them when they are in our area for years.  My mother in law even went on tour with them in Ireland (because you can, and they are doing it again this year).  Anyhow........they are amazing musicians.   If you know me, you know I love all kinds of music, and listen to it all the time.  It plays a very important role in my life.  I like to think my life sort of has a soundtrack- that plays in my head, all the time.  out of all the music I love, and there is a lot of it, their stuff really speaks to me.  They have depth, and are poetic, yet wonderful, energetic and fun.  Not to mention talented at most every instrument you can think of.  I encourage you to give them a listen, they make wonderful studio music to rock out to while working.

Sorry- this is getting to be a VERY long post- and I am getting a little sidetracked. 

I will try to get back to it.  They have a song, called Copper Leaves, about Canada retiring the penny (that is where they are from).  They joke that they are so sad about it, they wrote a song.  

Also, their new album is called Penny Black.  So, since they have this penny theme running around through things (they mention it in songs too) I thought it would be cool to make them some Canadian penny jewelry.  They joke about it, and I thought it would be a funny sort of gift.  I was totally inspired by Barb's penny charms and thought I'd end up doing something similar.....I even asked if she minded.  But in the end, they totally ended up like my version of penny jewelry for men.  (I did steal the "be the change" line, cause I really love it)

Barb's Second Surf Penny Charms

I had SO STINKIN MUCH FUN with their music on, cranked up in the studio, while working on these pieces for them.  I like to sing while I work (its not pretty but I am usually alone, so its ok) and their music gets my feet moving too.  My most productive days are when their albums are playing.  After a long day (of course I made them the day I was going to see them at a local show) I finished them up at the last minute, cleaned myself up and off we went.

(here is the quick pick I snapped of them- with my dirty hands and all)

And I snapped these pics with the leather done.  

I got to hand them to the drummer (Bruce) as they guys came in.  It is a small venue, and they come in the same doors we do!  I almost died when they came on stage and Mark was wearing his.  

After the break I saw Trevor had his on, as well as Craig, but I was too far and could only get a shot of Trevor.

After the show the guys came out and had drinks in the lobby with everyone who stayed around.  I really like that they are so down to earth like that.  It was nice to get to talk to them and I even got a picture with Mark.  I was soooo thrilled they liked their necklaces!

This entire thing made me so happy.  One of the things I love about being creative, is being able to share it with others- especially a bunch of artists like these guys, whom I admire greatly.

I know I am a total groupie now.  I keep laughing at myself, but I don't care.  I enjoyed doing that for them.  Even Justin (the hubs) was excited that they wore them!

And this my friends, is when all the paperwork, and bills, and the business end of what I do is fun again, just fun!!

Here are some links to some of the bands music, I seriously encourage you to take a listen.  They really span genre's and age groups- as true artists do.
(showing my groupie again, don't

Go on tour with them- I know I wish I could

Enjoy some video's- I could not just choose one.  These guys shine live.

this is one of my favorite songs from their last album (not the newest)

This is an OLD video I found, but still so good.  They started out much more irish rock but have evolved into Northern Roots Rock.  anyhow, give it a listen, its good stuff

I leave you with Getaway Car.  Its a great story- one of mine and Justin's favorites

Nice right?  I hope you enjoyed the videos!

How about you guys?
Do you love to make special gifts for people too?  

Is there a band you listen to over and over in your studio? 

Ever go groupie on them?  (someone please say you did and make me feel a little less silly!) 


koko said...

I *love* this post, and love the charms you made. I can just feel your joy roll off the page, and it made my day. Thank you for sharing it! (haven't gone groupie... yet... but I don't think it's silly, I think it's awesome!)

Carol Dekle said...

Wow Staci, those necklaces are beautiful. I love that you finished them on the very day you went to see them play! And your smile in the photo is contagious! I listened to their music too, they ROCK!!! i will have to see if they are willing to come play at our local American River Music festival!

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Those necklaces are amazing-wow! I am sure they thought it was really cool to be given such a thoughtful, handcrafted gift. I hope you including your business cards because I bet people will ask them where they got their awesome necklaces!

I listened to the last song that you posted and liked what I heard. I'll have to look into them when I get some time (probably when Liam goes off to preschool)!

No, you're not a groupie at all. Just another talented artist sharing her creativity with other artist's that inspire her! But I do get where you are coming from...I have a few stories from when I photographed my favorite bands for a magazine in Buffalo and a newspaper in the Finger Lakes! ;)

Thanks for sharing your super fun story!

Lori Anderson said...

I always knew it, but you are officially a rock star. Awesome work!

Gaia Copia said...

Very cool necklaces you made! I love getting inspired by people and then turning a creation into something special for them. What an exciting opportunity to meet and greet with the band.. and see your handmade items in action!
Nice work!

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