Tuesday, September 23, 2014


by Staci Louise Smith

I love fall.  I live on the East coast...so it is cool nights, beautiful days......

There are leaves changing colors, and breezes blowing.

I also love seeing the seasonal designs that come with a season change.  

There are lots of leaf beads and jewelry.................

Like these adorable leaf charms by Suburban Girl Studio

Starry Road Studio will soon have these crows back in the shop

This lovely necklace by Martha Thomas really embodies fall

I even got into the fall bead making and made some sugar skulls and eye beads (not really fall, but skulls are always fun, especially with Halloween around the corner)

But my favorite fall beads I made were these......to me....fall is crisp nights by a campfire, preferably under a full moon, and spider webs.....while hiking in the woods.  Like spiders or not....lol

What is your favorite part of fall?  Do you have any seasonal designs in the works???

Go ahead and share them on our facebook page if you do (and like our page if you don't already)!!!  Tell us a bit about it, and make sure to like to your shop.  One post per person please !

Please post in the comments of the post I put up on the LMAJ facebook page

We can't wait to see what you are up to- and Happy Fall!!!


Karen Totten said...

Awesome Autumnal tour. Thank you for including me amongst such beauties! :)

Shirley Moore said...

Ooh, Staci!! I'm loving your new beads too! I love the cooler weather and the exciting rush to the holiday season. Autumn is such a RICH season, full of deep, vibrant color, and sharp contrast.

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