Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pulling It Together

A week before Bead Fest, end of the summer here in the US (which means for most of us, kids are heading back to school), and there are always lots of things going on in everyday life to juggle.

I don't know about you, but when stress like this settles in, and my brain has no more room for one ounce of though - I am thankful for little things in technology that actually help pull things together through "social media" instead of spreading things thin and making one feel like "I give up. I have no time for figuring this out".

So here are two things that I think will be helpful:
1. If you have a shop on Etsy and are selling your work in a booth there, you can add your information HERE on their Etsy Local page:
Screen shot of Etsy Local Page for Bead Fest Philadelphia August 2014
If you want to check your "local" area for Etsy sellers and events, click HERE.
You can always add an event that you are participating in or join an event if someone else has already created it. It's a great marketing tool!

2. For those of you going to Bead Fest Philly Summer 2014 and you want to know who else from our handmade jewelry beading online community is going to go and possibly meet up with them to say Hi:

Hope to see you at Bead Fest in just about a week!

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