Friday, August 15, 2014

On the go again.....

MaryAnn Carroll

I hate to say that I am in a rush because I feel like I am always saying that. I am writing quickly because we are heading out to set up for Pottery Fair in Cazenovia, NY this weekend.  My husband and I do shows together, which are mainly his pottery, but I include a small section of jewelry as well. For this particular show, I only include my ceramic jewelry.

In between getting ready for shows, we have been giving our house a much needed makeover. Fortunately, we have had my son and step daughter helping so we have been able to accomplish the updates in a much shorter period of time.


On a completely different note, I am also making some special jewelry to support the defense for Charles Erickson. Many of you 48 Hour and Dateline junkies may have heard the story of Ryan Ferguson and Charles Erickson. They were two 19 year old boys that were wrongly convicted in 2004 (a travesty, that is unfortunately, not uncommon in the United States) for the murder of Sports Editor Kent Heitholt. Ryan Ferguson is free and for reasons too complex to write about here, Charlie is not.

If you are interested in learning more, you can read more about this case by going to Free Charles Erickson on the web.

I am offering jewelry (currently earrings) for sale. All of the money collected will be donated to the defense of Charlie.

If you are interested in helping Charlie's defense, please visit

Thank-you and I am sorry for any typos as I am writing this on my iPad while heading to set up for the show!



Carol Dekle said...

Hi MaryAnn! Good luck on your show! Very beautiful earrings. I'm sure Charles appreciates all that you are doing and all the awareness you are bringing to his cause!

lk jewelry said...

Good luck Mary for your cause. Rings displayed are cool.


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