Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Fun

by Staci Louise Smith

Same old same old here, busy having summertime fun and working.  Between creating beads and jewelry for shows, and spending time with the family, there is not much time left for anything else.  Balancing work and summer fun can be pretty difficult.

Last weekend we headed up to North Central PA to the Grand Canyon of PA, for a long weekend.  It was amazing and refreshing.  So very needed.  We went with my parents, and my best friend and her family...who really is more like family.  Her oldest son is my youngest sons age, and it warmed my heart to see what great friends they are becoming! 
grand canyon of PA lookout

We were barely unpacked and the kids were in the water.  I mean, how could you not be?
 left to right, my youngest collin, my BFF's oldest Nicky
beers for us, creek for the kids

There was lots of fishing

 sr. fisherman
Jr. fisherman.
Yuuummmy dinner

some hiking

and lots of playing in the beautiful Pine Creek.

The kids took tubes, and we all got to have some fun tubing down the creek a little bit. 

I really had nothing prepared for a post, other then sharing the importance of taking time to enjoy life.  It was truly a beautiful weekend.  Even more then that, there was very little phone or internet, and it was good for the soul to just be in the moment, in the very place I was.  I did not want to come home.  I could easily move into one of those cabins for good.
fun with Gram on the porch swing

However, I am back, and I feel much more centered and prepared for the work that lies ahead. 

BFF selfie the last day they were there

Summer is hard for me.  The kids are home, and for them, its vacation, but for me, its a very busy time.  Trying to balance that is hard most days.  Taking time away, like last weekend, keeps me sane, and creates wonderful memories.  Not to mention the beauty of the tree's

and water and the appeal of the little old towns and building

really inspired me.

We came home tuckered out with happy hearts.

Now I am off to make beads and run some errands.  Typical summer day here at home, at the office.

Anyone else work from home?  Isn't summer difficult to find that balance of summer enjoyment and work?  


Alice said...

What a beautiful place! Your photos are wonderful. I'm glad you got to relax and just enjoy being with friends and family and nature. I'm adding this to my long list of places I want to visit.

stacilouise said...

I highly recommend the Rough Cut Lodge in Ansonia PA. the cabins are overlooking the creek. they are high end (even have central AC)a large yard to hang out and play in, and the creek right there is perfect for wading, fishing and tubing. its close to all kinds of hiking trails too. we love it there

Carol Dekle said...

Great post Staci! You can really tell from the photo's that the kids had a blast. Lot's of wonderful memories created!

stacilouise said...

it makes me so happy to see them having fun and creating memories. and it forces me to get out of the studio and play ;)

Carol Dekle said...

You have inspired me! Starting today, I am stepping out of the studio and going to spend more time outdoors.

stregajewellry said...

What a wonderful place to store up inspiration, rejuvenate and enjoy your family and friends! Summer, though hectic with all its changing family dynamics, is good for your soul, leading you outside and encouraging the play we so need.

Shel said...

That looks like a fabulous place to unwind with family. How fun! And a good reminder that although working from home can be a hard balancing act, especially in the summer, (I so hear you on this one!!) that it's good to step away and reconnect w/those you love and with nature!

Shaiha said...

What a beautiful place to regroup and restore your inspiration. Heck, write it off your taxes and call it a research trip.

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